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Get to know how to create an Exp Report, Skill Materials, Gifts, and Furniture. An extensive Blue Archive Crafting Guide is provided below.

Blue Archive is a popular role-playing game in which you play a nice teacher who solves mysteries and defeats the city’s bad people. The famous gacha game has gone global, and many new players are eager to figure out how to make resources and level up faster. Crafting is the lifeblood of Blue Archive, thus learning how to craft is important before progressing further in the game.

In this game, you play a teacher at a school who has been transported from another world and is recruiting pupils to help solve numerous mysteries in your city and combat evil characters. Crafting is a critical component of the game. Everything you need to know about crafting is right here.

In Blue Archive, being a good sensei entails more than just slaying bad guys, solving mysteries, and selecting the hottest pupils to assist you. You’ll also need to make furnishings for your students to make them more comfortable, give them presents to keep them happy and collect growth resources to help them level up.

Where To Find The Crafting Feature In The Blue Archive?

Some features in this game will be unavailable until you have completed crucial plot portions. After completing Chapter 3.2, you will be able to begin crafting.

Blue Archive Crafting Guide: Priority

It’s a good idea to check your daily tasks when crafting in Blue Archive since there will frequently be one to manufacture a certain item. You may earn extra keystone fragments by completing daily objectives, allowing you to undertake even more crafting.

Aside from that, we recommend concentrating on making café furniture first, since this raises your comfort level and offers you more AP (strength), among other advantages. To improve your relationship values, focus on making gifts for your pupils when they are feeling good and cozy. Your numbers improve as your relationship values rise.

Blue Archive Crafting Guide: Time

Blue Archive Crafting Guide
Blue Archive Gameplay

According to its quality, each item takes a different amount of time to craft.

30 minutes for Tier One item (basic)

The second tier (intermediate) is an hour and 30 minutes long

Three hours for items from Tier 3 (advanced)

Six hours for Tier Four (Superlative) items

The crafting process can also be sped up by using tickets. The best way to gather them is to do missions, so don’t be afraid to grab as many as you can.

Blue Archive Crafting Guide: Crafting Nodes

In Blue Archive, there are many sorts of crafting nodes that allow you to make various objects of variable quality. Furniture, student presents, and growth materials that help your characters level up are among these products.

  • Primary Crafting Node

The primary node lets you select the type of product you wish to make. One keystone piece or ten keystone pieces can be used to make the main node. After that, you may either establish a primary release or a secondary release by adding an extra five keystones or 50 keystone pieces.

After you’ve inserted your keystone, you’ll be able to pick between five distinct sorts of sub-nodes, which will affect the things you can make. If none of your selected sub-nodes appear, you can cancel or re-roll.

  • Secondary Crafting Node

The secondary node allows you to filter the sub-node categories, making it simpler to find what you’re looking for. If you’re making furniture in the primary node, for example, you may utilize the secondary node to select whether you want to construct walls, chairs, tables, floors, and more.

You can opt to start production on a node or make it a secondary node when you pick it. To make a secondary node, you’ll need to add more materials and decide whether you want to make a primary or secondary release. The resources you’ll require are determined by your primary node, and the experience you’ll get from them is determined by their tier.

  • Golden Crafting Node

Golden nodes are earned by putting five keystones or 50 keystone pieces in the primary node and doubling the number of things in the secondary node. 

While the proven high rarity may appear appealing, you can’t be sure you’ll get something good, and you might wind up with growth materials, which are rather simple to obtain through other means. It also consumes a lot of vital resources, so try your luck with other nodes instead.

Benefits of crafting

Blue Archive Gameplay
Blue Archive Crafting Guide

When you go to the crafting area, you’ll notice that there are three places for crafting spaces. You only have three hours every day, so pick wisely. This may be used for a variety of things, including presents and excursion reports. Before starting any assignment, be sure to check the daily missions because there is nearly always a daily mission to manufacture a certain item.

Keystones are the bare minimum for crafting. You only need one to perform the actual craft, but the more you use, the rarer the item created becomes. On the screen adjacent to the keystone screen, you’ll see a circle with a blue line around it. You will fill up the yellow line inside the blue circle line more and more as you use keystones. Five are necessary to fill it up completely.

What Are The Best Ways To Get Key Stones For Crafting?

Because keystones aren’t as common as other objects, it’s important to keep them as safe as possible. You may earn them by participating in PvP, performing daily missions, and completing a set amount of hard-difficulty missions each week. Another method to obtain them is through the gacha’s pity system’s point conversions. 

When a rare character is on the pickup call, you’ll gain points every time you try to summon them, and after you reach a specific number of points, you can merely use the points to unlock the character. If you don’t earn enough points or don’t utilize them, the points you earn will be transformed into keystones when the pickup period has ended.

crafting guide gameplay blue archive
Blue Archive Gameplay

1. Reinforcement Material for Beginners

2. Reinforcement Material of Intermediate Level

3. Reinforcement Material of a High Level

4. Furniture for Cafes

5. Student Gifts

6. Growth Substance (Report)

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