Are you excited about the Lost Ark Witcher Event? We have the start date of the event and also some latest information about it.

In Lost Ark, players will be able to experience a crossover event with The Witcher series. Characters such as Geralt, Ciri, Dandelion, Yennefer, and Triss will be featured in the story and daily quests. These quests will give players the opportunity to unlock a wide range of Witcher-themed items and cosmetics as rewards.

Players will be able to immerse themselves in the world of The Witcher while enjoying the gameplay of Lost Ark. So let’s quickly take a look at the Lost Ark Witcher event start date and how you can start playing to get the rewards.

What is the Lost Ark Witcher Event?

The Lost Ark Witcher event is a crossover event between the popular video game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and the MMORPG Lost Ark. The event features a new game mode in which players can team up with characters from The Witcher universe. This includes Geralt of Rivia. You can take on new challenges and enemies.

Players will be able to experience a new storyline that takes place in the “Lost Ark” world, featuring new locations and enemies. The event also features new weapons and armor from “The Witcher” series. Players can obtain this by completing event challenges and daily quests.

The event also features new gameplay mechanics, such as the use of signs, which are a set of magic abilities that Geralt can use in combat. Players can also play as Geralt himself and use his unique abilities such as swordplay and alchemy. Overall, the event promises to offer a unique and exciting experience for fans of both “The Witcher” and “Lost Ark” franchises, blending the worlds and gameplay styles of both games in a unique way.

Lost Ark Witcher Event Start Date

Lost Ark’s Wild Witcher event start date is on January 18th and will continue until February 22nd. The event will begin following a short period of maintenance. Players will have a month to complete the event and unlock all the rewards.

How to start the Lost Ark Witcher Event

To participate in the Lost Ark Wild Witcher event, players will need to first unlock the event island by speaking with the Guild Investigator located in major cities.

To access the event, players must have completed the “Set Sail!” Main Story Quest, which enables the ability to sail around Arkesia. The new event island, named White Wolf Haven Island, is accessible by using the Ocean Liner. Players can get there by speaking with the Guild Investigator and then using the ocean liner to reach the island.

The Witcher character
The Witcher character


Some of the rewards include Witcher Potions, Jukebox songs, a new card set featuring five Witcher characters, a stronghold structure, emoticons, selfie stickers, and a title.

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