The Black Desert Drakania class guide has some of the best tips and tricks that will help you to play with Drakania more effectively.

Drakania is the newest class in Black Desert game. She is a fully ascended class that can be selected for character creation. The Draconic bloodline runs through her veins and she fiercely defends the last of her kin, making her an incredibly powerful force on the battlefield.

With 23 classes to choose from, role-playing as a draconic warrior in Drakania class will redefine immense power and provide a fresh and exciting gameplay experience. To play as Drakania even more effectively, take a look at the Black Desert Drakania class guide below.

Black Desert Drakania class guide: Brimbolt Tempest 

Brimbolt Tempest is the ideal opener for Drakania. It has a far-reaching area of effect that deals electrical damage to enemies. The electrical charge remains active in the affected area and continues to damage enemies over time. The skill also has a powerful initial hit and knockback effect that sets up Drakania for her other earth-shattering attacks. Meanwhile, Brimbolt Tempest continues to weaken enemies with its residual damage, overwhelming them from the start. This skill also provides an additional benefit of recovering 10 MP for the Drakania.

Black Desert Drakania class guide: Draconic Shockwave 

Draconic Shockwave is one of the four starter moves for Drakania. It may not be the most powerful move in terms of damage, but it still deals the expected knockback. Additionally, the skill provides a 10 MP recovery and a Forward Guard while executing the move. It is possible to chain this skill up to five times for maximum effect.

Quickly reposition with dragon glide

The player can use the Dragon Glide skill to quickly move around the battlefield or as an emergency evasive maneuver. The player should use it carefully as using it too frequently may burn all the saved MP. It is best to slot this skill on the second wheel and use it only in specific instances.

Rip and Tear

Rip and Tear is one of the four starter moves for Drakania. It causes the most significant damage per hit of all the initial attacks. The skill can be held down to chain up to four vicious attacks. It will daze enemies on hit and cause knockback on the final blow. Additionally, the skill also grants the Drakania 10 MP.


Vorpal Thrust

Vorpal Thrust is an additional move that can be unlocked by the Drakania class at level 10. Although it may not be incredibly powerful, the skill does offer Super Armour protection. Additionally, it recovers 10 MP and can be used as a continuous attack up to three times. Each hit will stun enemies and the last blow will daze them.

Drakania’s Sword

Drakania wields a shard forged from her dragon scales, which she uses to channel draconic power into her great sword, Slayer. This sword releases ancient power into seismic shock waves that can obliterate entire hordes of enemies at once.

Do not miss out on the Wings of Ruin

Wings of Ruin is an attack that can be unlocked by the Drakania class at level 20. It is by far the most potent attack in the early game. The skill’s power can be increased by 5% by holding it to charge it up. A fully charged Wings of Ruin can deal 33% damage to an enemy’s Forward Guard while Ionic Overflow is active. While charging up the attack, the player cannot be grabbed by enemies, and Super Armor is activated, making the player virtually invincible while executing the attack.

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