Are you aware of the Lost Ark Slayer class? There are lots of things about this class along with some events that you will learn below.

On May 10, the highly anticipated Slayer will make her debut in the Arkesia region of Lost Ark. This powerful Warrior Advanced Class is the fifth in the lineup and offers players an exciting melee combat experience with her massive greatsword and Burst Mode.

The Slayer is a female variant of the Berserker class, and she comes with a range of unique abilities and playstyles that set her apart from her male counterpart. With her exceptional speed, movement, and devastating attacks, the Slayer is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Below you will find the Lost Ark Slayer Guide along with many other details of events and more. So read this guide till the end to learn everything about Slayer and other updates coming to the game.

Lost Ark Slayer Burst Mode and Bloodlust

One of the key features of the Slayer is her Fury Specialty Meter, which fills up with successful attacks. Once the meter is full, the Slayer can activate Burst Mode, increasing her damage and movement speed significantly. During Burst Mode, the Slayer can also use her Specialty skill, Bloodlust, to unleash a flurry of powerful slashes and stabs.

In Burst Mode, the Slayer’s Atk. Speed, Move Speed, and Crit Rate are significantly increased. Atk. Speed and Move Speed gets a boost of 20%, and Crit Rate goes up by 30%. With Bloodlust, the Slayer can quickly slash her foes, inflicting massive damage and following up with a powerful stab, knocking them away for even more damage.

Lost Ark Slayer Class Engravings

To help players get the most out of their Lost Ark Slayer, there are two Class Engravings to consider:


Punisher increases the Slayer’s damage while in Burst Mode and Bloodlust, with a maximum of 25% at Level 3. It also gives a Crit Rate boost of up to 20%, but at the cost of Fury gain (-25%) and Burst duration (-50%). However, when Burst ends, the Slayer will not experience Exhaustion.


Predator is another Class Engraving that focuses on Fury gain and MP recovery. It gives the Slayer up to a 10% Fury Meter boost and a 3% MP boost, depending on the level. When activated, the Slayer gains Crit Damage (up to 40% at Level 3) in Burst Mode. However, the Slayer also gains Fatigue every 3 seconds, causing the Fury Meter to decrease more quickly and preventing the use of Bloodlust. When Burst Mode ends, the duration of Exhaustion is reduced based on the number of Fatigue stacks accumulated.

Lost Ark Slayer Skills

The Slayer class in Lost Ark Academy comes with a variety of powerful skills that players can use to defeat their foes. Let’s take a closer look at each of these skills and what they can do in combat.

Flash Blade

With Flash Blade, the Lost Ark Slayer performs a diagonal slash that deals damage to her enemies.

Cross Blade

Cross Blade is a wide-sweeping X-shaped attack that inflicts damage with each swing.

Fury Blade

Fury Blade allows the Slayer to jump and swing her greatsword to inflict damage and launch foes into the air. She can then strike down with her sword to deal additional damage and knock them down.

Wild Stomp

The Wild Stomp skill allows the Slayer to stomp the ground with one foot, creating an earthquake that damages all enemies within a 4-meter radius.

Wild Rush

Wild Rush allows the Slayer to charge 7 meters toward a target location and deal damage to any foes in her path.

Punishing Draw

With Punishing Draw, the Slayer pins her greatsword to the ground, creating a crack in the earth that raises her enemies high into the air. She can then deal damage to them while they are in the air.

Ground Smash

Ground Smash is a skill that lets the Lost Ark Slayer thrust her greatsword into the ground to deal damage to her enemies. She can then pull it out and send a shockwave that pulls her foes toward her and inflicts additional damage.

Furious Claw

Furious Claw is a menacing attack where the Slayer slashes her greatsword to the left and right, dealing damage. She then spins her body to attack and deal even more damage. If she attacks an airborne foe, she can launch them into the air once more.

Spinning Sword

With Spinning Sword, the Slayer can move while swinging her greatsword to deal damage. This skill allows her to ignore collisions with adventurers and normal monsters while she is moving.

Flying Strike

Flying Strike allows the Slayer to leap up to 8 meters to a target location and strike downward with her greatsword, inflicting damage and knocking down any foes in her path.

Cruel Pierce

Cruel Pierce is a skill where the Slayer grabs her greatsword with one hand and stabs her enemies with ferocious energy, dealing damage.

Final Blow

Final Blow is a charging attack where the Slayer charges 4 meters toward a target location and slashes at her foes, launching them into the air. She can then follow up with a spinning attack that deals damage before landing a downward blow that inflicts even more damage.

Fatal Sword

With Fatal Sword, the Slayer thrusts her greatsword down to deal damage to her enemies.

Hurricane Sword

Hurricane Sword is a spinning attack that lasts for 3 seconds and inflicts damage to all nearby foes.

Mountain Cleave

Mountain Cleave is a jumping attack where the Slayer spins counter-clockwise and smashes the ground, creating a storm of swords that inflicts damage and knocks down her enemies.


Guillotine is a skill where the Slayer grabs her greatsword with one hand and unleashes all of her strength, dealing damage and launching her enemies into the air.

Volcanic Eruption

Volcanic Eruption allows the Slayer to thrust her greatsword into the ground to deal damage. If she holds the skill for 1.5 seconds, she can attack six times to inflict additional damage. If she hits the Perfect Zone, she can deliver a finishing blow that launches her enemies into the air.

Brutal Impact

Finally, Brutal Impact lets the Slayer condense the energy of her rage into her greatsword and strike the ground with all her might. This attack deals damage and can be charged for even more damage.

Lost Ark Slayer Awakening Skills

Moving on to the Slayer’s awakening skills, Execute is a skill that enables the Lost Ark Slayer to channel their anger into a giant blade, which can then be used to perform an upward slash that deals damage to enemies. The Slayer can then jump and slash four times in mid-air, leaving Sword Wounds on the ground with each strike. When the final strike lands, all Sword Wounds will explode, dealing damage and launching foes into the air. In Burst Mode, outgoing damage is increased by 20%.

Ragna Break is another awakening skill that allows the Slayer to enter a state of extreme fury, which manifests as a Flame Demon. This furious energy can then be gathered into the Slayer’s greatsword and used to strike the earth, dealing damage and launching foes into the air.

Lost Ark Class
Lost Ark Class

Progression events

In terms of progression events, the Punika Powerpass and Hyper Express Plus (II) event will be available alongside the launch of the Slayer class on May 10 and will continue until August 9. While there will not be a new Story Express event, the existing event can still be used with the Lost Ark Slayer if players have not designated a character already, and will be active until June 14. The other events that were launched with the Artist class in March will continue until their planned end date of June 14.

Punika Powerpass Event

With the Punika Powerpass event, players will receive Item Level 1340 gear. Unlike previous Punika Powerpass events, players do not need to complete Berver’s Friend to receive the rewards. However, to prevent bots from reaching endgame areas, only players with Trusted status or with a Lost Ark account created before December 14, 2022 will be granted a Powerpass. New players can earn their trusted status in multiple ways, such as enabling the Steam Guard mobile authenticator and having a Steam profile that is no longer a ‘Limited User’ account, or by making any purchase in Lost Ark through either Steam or Amazon.

Hyper Express Event II

To complement the Punika Powerpass, players will now have the opportunity to designate one character in their roster between Item Level 1340 and 1460 to participate in the Hyper Express Plus II Event. This event will provide players with honing materials that allow them to level up quickly to Item Level 1460 and beyond. By designating a character, players will earn rewards every 15 Item Levels up to 1460. These rewards include Silver, honing materials, Gems, Engravings, and more!

Engraving Support System

A new feature that comes with the Hyper Express Plus event is the Engraving Support system. This system lets players choose four Engravings to be in effect at level 3 during the event. Here’s how to get started:

  • To use the Engraving Support system, players must first select a Hyper Express Plus character. After selecting the character, the Engraving Support button will become active.
  • Click the Engraving Support button to open the Engraving Support page and select four desired Engravings.
  • Once players have selected their desired Engravings, they can activate them by pressing the Activate Engraving Support button.
  • The effects of Engraving Support will also be visible in the player’s Character Profile.

With the Engraving Support system, players can strategically choose Engravings that align with their playstyle and make the most out of the Hyper Express Plus event.

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