Want to know all about the Lost Ark Serenity Isle Island? The guide below has all the important information that you need before visiting there. 

Exploring the vast world of the Lost Ark is a thrilling experience. This is more fun especially after acquiring your first ship. One of the first islands worth visiting is Serenity Isle. The recommendation for the gear level is 250. This should be attainable at this point in the game, players can explore the island and collect two Mokoko Seeds. There is also a valuable Island Soul. 

It’s worth noting that to obtain the Island Soul, players need to complete a quest chain that requires a visit to the Tortoyk’s Heart dungeon on Tortoyk. It’s important to keep this in mind when planning your island-hopping adventure in Lost Ark. So what are you waiting for? Quickly take a look at the Lost Ark Serenity Isle Island guide below.


Lost Ark Serenity Isle Location

To reach Serenity Isle in Lost Ark, the most convenient method is to travel to Wavestrand Port located in East Luterra. From there, the island can be easily accessed with a short sail towards the east in the Platina Ocean. The journey is relatively safe, and even slower ships will arrive in just a few minutes without any perilous sea routes to navigate.

How to Obtain the Island Soul for Serenity Isle in Lost Ark

To obtain the Island Soul for Serenity Isle in Lost Ark, players need to complete a quest chain involving the Legendary Blacksmith. This quest chain is connected to the game’s main storyline, so players will be guided here regardless. The first two parts of the quest chain, “Who’s There?!” and “A Sad History,” simply require players to talk to the blacksmith on the island.

For part three, “The Stone of Power,” players need to revisit two dungeons to collect items. The first dungeon is Tortoyk’s Heart in the Forest of Giants, Tortoyk, and the second is Morai Ruins in Saland Hill, Yudia. Once players have taken the necessary items, they should return to the Legendary Blacksmith. The blacksmith will then ask them to defeat the Serenity Isle boss mob, Metomus.

Metomus has 70,000 health and is level 50, but he is relatively slow and shouldn’t prove too difficult for players to defeat. Once players have defeated him, they will be rewarded with the Island Soul.


Lost Ark Serenity Isle Mokoko Seed Locations

Lost Ark Serenity Isle is home to two Mokoko Seeds. Getting to them requires a bit of exploration. The first seed is in the first area on the island’s northernmost tip, just beyond a wooden bench in the water. There will be a left plant and the first mokoko is just to the left of the plant. However, players must be cautious while exploring this area since the island boss, Metomus is likely to attack them.

To get the second seed, players need to climb some vines that are slightly hidden. To find it, walk into the central area of the island, along the thin path, and turn left (north) at the end. There are several Slimes guarding this area, and the vines are among them. At the top of the vines, players will find the second seed.

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