Are you ready for the Lost Ark Maykoko Fest? If you don’t know about it then do not worry we have all the details for you.

Lost Ark players, get ready to participate in the Maykoko Fest, a month-long celebration of all things about Mokoko. This event has begun on May 1, 2023, and continues throughout the month. It features weekly activities and rewards that all players can enjoy. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Lost Ark Maykoko Fest.


Unite the Lost Ark Community with Weekly Goals and Rewards

Lost Ark Maykoko Fest aims to unite the Lost Ark community by encouraging players to complete weekly goals and earn rewards. The first weekly goal is to use three million Mokoko emotes. Players can use up to 10 emotes per day, and if the community reaches this goal, they will receive x10 Honing Shard Selection Chests, each containing x8 T3 Large Honor Shard Bags.

Wear Mokoko Skin and Participate in Chaos Dungeon or Guardian Raid Clears

For the second week, players must complete one million Chaos Dungeon or Guardian Raid clears while wearing a Mokoko Skin. Each player who participates in the activity counts as one completion. If players achieve this goal, they will receive x10 Honor Leapstone Selection Chests, each containing x125 Honor Leapstones or x25 Great Honor Leapstones.

Complete Legion Raids and Earn Ancient Platinum Coins

In the third week, players must complete 250,000 Legion Raids while wearing a Mokoko Skin, with each player in the activity counting as one completion. Players who achieve this goal will be rewarded with x100 Ancient Platinum Coins, which include 2M Silver and x25 Pheons.

Create and Share Stronghold Feasts for Various Prizes

In the fourth and final week of the Lost Ark Maykoko Fest, players must create and share 150,000 Stronghold Feasts. Players who achieve this goal will be rewarded with various prizes, including Una’s Daily Task Completion, Una’s Extra Task, Legendary – Epic Card Packs, and The Gamer Moko Pet.

Track the Progress and Enjoy the Festivities

If the Lost Ark community succeeds in each of the weekly goals, rewards will be distributed three hours after the end of each week. Players can monitor the event’s progress by checking the Maykoko Fest event page.


Join the Fun-filled Celebration of All Things Mokoko

Lost Ark Maykoko Fest is a fun-filled celebration of all things Mokoko, with exciting rewards up for grabs. So don’t miss out on the festivities and join in on the fun. Good luck, Heroes of Arkesia!

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