Want to know how to make the Tower of Fantasy Honeyed Fruit Juice? Follow the guide below to learn about the process and ingredients.

In Tower of Fantasy, Honeyed Fruit Juice is a highly valuable consumable that falls under the N-Rarity food category. It has the ability to restore 300 points of Stamina and 12% of a Wanderer’s max Health. It also includes an additional 3,300 HP, this recipe is a must-have item. Furthermore, it is great for any player seeking to explore or fight enemies in the expansive shared world of Aesperia. 

This food item not only provides considerable HP restoration in case of a significant hit, but it also regenerates Stamina for sustained attacks. Furthermore, using their Jetpack, players can rely on Honeyed Fruit Juice to replenish their energy when climbing tall cliffs or gliding to distant locations. The guide below will help you to understand how to make the Tower of Fantasy Honeyed Fruit Juice.


How to Make Tower of Fantasy Honeyed Fruit Juice

Tower of Fantasy Honeyed Fruit Juice is a valuable consumable that can restore a substantial amount of stamina and health to players. Crafting this item requires the use of specific ingredients and the knowledge of where to find them.

Obtaining Fallen Fruit

Fallen Fruit is a common resource in Tower of Fantasy that players can use to craft Honeyed Fruit Juice. Players can find the fruit in various locations throughout the Banges region and Astra. Still, the forests west of the Astra Omnium Tower and north of the Ring of Echoes are particularly fruitful.


Crafting Honeyed Fruit Juice

To craft Honeyed Fruit Juice, players will need to use a Cooking Pot and follow a simple recipe. Simply gather Fallen Fruit ×2, Honey ×1, and Carbonated Water ×1 and place them into the Cooking Pot. 

Then, select the Creation option at the bottom-left corner of the screen to open the discovery menu. Add 14 or 15 stacks of Fallen Fruit and press the “Cooking” button to create the Honeyed Fruit Juice recipe. 

More ingredients for Honeyed Fruit Juice Recipe 

Honey is the second ingredient required to make Honeyed Fruit Juice in the game, and it is obtainable in Astra and Banges. Although not as common as Fallen Fruit, players can acquire Honey by destroying Beehives or the hostile bees that spawn from them in the game’s open world. These nodes are characterized by termite mound-shaped hives with purple goo flowing from their holes.

On the other hand, Carbonated Water is the third ingredient for Honeyed Fruit Juice that is not obtainable from exploration or farming in the open world. Instead, players must visit one of the three Food Vendors located in Astra, Banges, or Mirroria to purchase it. These vendors offer up to 99 stacks of Carbonated Water daily to players. Once you complete the crafting, you can use this item to restore your health and stamina while exploring or battling enemies in the vast world of Aesperia.

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