We have brought you a Lost Ark Gems guide and how to get it, how to reroll, upgrade, and much more.

Smilegate and Amazon Games have released Lost Ark, a massively multiplayer online game. The highly anticipated title mixes classic MMORPG cliches such as a top-down perspective, tonnes of treasure, and a surprisingly deep plot with a top-down view, tonnes of loot, and a surprisingly deep storyline. You could feel overwhelmed by all the systems thrown at you if you’re just started with Lost Ark.

While the game’s speed is excellent, there’s no denying that the game’s personalization possibilities, numerous classes, thousands of menus, and vast Arkesia environment may be frightening. You might even face problems regarding the gems. So to help you out, we have a Lost Ark gems guide below.

Lost Ark gems guide

The high-level progression system in Lost Ark is entirely based on gems. You can obtain them in many ways, primarily through Chaos Dungeons, and they offer a variety of enhancements that will greatly enhance your character’s skills. In Lost Ark, gems are one way to progress horizontally. The first Gems will appear in Tier 2 (Yorn), where BLUE gems will be found. Eventually, the blue gems will be replaced by the orange T3 gems once you reach Tier 3 (Punika).

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On their own, gem rarities don’t have any significance since they are based solely on their LV. In most cases, you’ll receive gems of LV1 or LV2, and for certain island events, even LV5 gems can be redeemed. A gem can be upgraded by using three gems of the same level.

Mari’s Shop (which converts cash-shop items into in-game items) needs blue gems so that you can buy consumable packages. Packs are typically much more expensive than consumables, allowing you to essentially drown in green and blue health potions and bomb consumables. You can craft these in-game or you can buy them through the Auction House.

Lost Ark gems guide: Two types

Lost Ark gems Guide
Lost Ark (Image credit: YouTube)

Cooldown Reduction (CDR) and Damage gems are the only two types of gems available, and both will usually affect only one skill. The Destroyers’ ‘gravity field skills’ gem is one of the few exceptions. Gold can be mined from gems, and they can be a valuable source of GOLD.

Two types of random effects are offered by each gem

  • Skill cooldowns reduced
  • An increase in damage dealt by a skill

Each gem, of course, gives unique perks based on the class. They may also be freely transferred from one character to another, making them far more accessible. Your character can equip up to 11 different items, but only the most powerful of each category gets its effect active.

For example, if you have a level 5 gem that enhances Lightning Vortex’s damage, you can wear a level 2 gem with the same effect. If you have both a level 5 gem that decreases the cooldown of Lightning Vortex and a level 5 gem that reduces the cooldown of Lightning Vortex, you will enjoy the benefits of both gems, but the level 2 gem will be completely overshadowed.

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How to get Gems in Lost Ark

Lost Ark gems Guide
Lost Ark (Image credit: YouTube)

Because gems are primarily obtained through Chaos Dungeons and the ‘Boss Paths,’ which may be accessed using random drop tickets obtained from Chaos Dungeons, it goes without saying that Chaos Dungeons are a fantastic source of gems.

Because you can only run two Chaos Dungeons per character per day, alts become a great way to quickly fame a lot of gems. Because gems may be easily traded, you can either send them to your main or sell them on the market for GOLD to other players.

As we said above, Gems may be found in Tier 2 (Yorn) content, particularly in Chaos Dungeons, but not exclusively. A dungeon’s final chest, for example, comprises chests with a varied quantity of gems in levels ranging from 2 to 9, thus the concept is straightforward. 

How to upgrade gems in Lost Ark 

To make it simpler to obtain higher-tier gems, you can combine them directly from your inventory. Fusion is only possible when three of a level’s gems are fused together. You can fuse three gems with separate advantages to create a higher-level gem that combines one of the merged gems’ three effects.

For instance, you must merge three level 2 gems to obtain a level 3 gem. You can acquire a level 4 gem with one of these three effects by fusing an Ice Arrow, Thundering Vortex, or Call Frost cooldown reduction gem.

Gem Processing

Lost Ark gems Guide
Lost Ark (Image credit: YouTube)

Finally, the Gem Experts in Archésia’s major cities give you a one-of-a-kind service: gem transformation. This basic feature allows you to switch the impact of a particular gem to a different one that is specific to your class.

Gem Transformation costs vary depending on the degree of the gem you want to alter. While it is rather ineffective at level 2, it rapidly becomes highly costly. For example, each transformation of a level 5 gem costs 10,000 silver coins. Due to the random nature of the impact, this “gambling” mechanism might rapidly get you into trouble for Silver Coins!

How to reroll for gems in Lost Ark

The process is fairly straightforward. You just need to head to the Jeweler in any major city (the diamond icon on the minimap), select Reroll Effect, pick your gemstone, and reroll it. One great thing about rerolling Gems is that they always get a skill that fits your class.

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