In this guide, we will walk you through the process of obtaining and maximizing the Lost Ark Astray, providing detailed steps and some tips.

The Astray is widely regarded as the best ship in Lost Ark, making it a popular asset for adventurers. However, it’s important to note that crafting the Astray is time-consuming and resource-giving. Before diving into the process, it’s crucial to understand the commitment required to obtain and maximize this exceptional ship.

Crafting the Astray, the popular ship in Lost Ark, requires dedication and resources. By following this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to build your own Lost Ark Astray and enjoy the benefits it brings. Let’s set sail on this exciting journey.


Lost Ark Astray Crafting Guide

To embark on the Lost Ark Astray crafting journey, you need to gather several key materials. Here’s a list of the items required:

  • Astray Construction Blueprint
  • Astray Operation Manual
  • Certificate of Pirate
  • 570 Timber
  • 375 Uncommon Ship Parts Material

Now, let’s delve into each of these items and explore how to acquire them.

Astray Construction Blueprint

The Lost Ark Astray Construction Blueprint is a vital component for crafting the Astray. To obtain it, you must complete the Una’s Task called “She Drifts, Sea Gifts.” However, be prepared for a significant time commitment, as this task spans 25 days. Here’s a breakdown of the tiers within this task:

  1. Tier one – 50/50 (five dailies), rewards 12,000 pirate coins.
  2. Tier two – 80/80 (four dailies), rewards 19,000 pirate coins.
  3. Tier three – 80/80 (eight dailies), rewards Astray Construction Blueprint and 29,000 pirate coins.

To maximize your progress in this task, keep an eye out for the Co-op Sailing Events. The Arthetine and Yorn events reliably spawn the treasure salvaging event required for this task. If those events are not active, you can try other events, but note that they have a chance of spawning the necessary event.

Remember to read Blackfang’s note before attempting to complete the task during the Co-op Sailing Event, as neglecting this step will result in no progress. Utilizing “Una’s Task Instant Complete Tickets” can be advantageous, saving you significant time in the long run. Just ensure you have completed the quest at least once before using the instant complete tickets.

Astray Operation Manual

The Lost Ark Astray Operation Manual is an item rewarded at the end of a small quest chain. To initiate this chain, acquire the item “Pirate Star: Astray” from Mariner Rosa, available for purchase at a cost of 300,000 pirate coins. However, to complete the quest chain and receive the operation manual, you need to reach the trusted Rapport rank with Blackfang.

While it’s possible to buy the “Pirate Star: Astray” item whenever you have the necessary pirate coins, achieving the trusted Rapport rank is essential. Invest time in building rapport with Blackfang to ensure you can progress through the quest chain smoothly and obtain the operation manual.

Certificate of Pirate

The Certificate of Pirate is obtained by completing the Una’s Task named “Pest Control” and maxing out its reputation. This daily task is relatively straightforward and involves eliminating pirates on Blackfang’s Den. It’s important to note that these pirates only spawn during the island’s event, which occurs every 15 minutes.

Here’s a breakdown of the tiers and their rewards for completing the “Pest Control” task:

  • Tier one – 30/30 (three dailies), rewards 6,000 pirate coins.
  • Tier two – 40/40 (four dailies), rewards 8,000 pirate coins.
  • Tier three – 80/80 (eight dailies), rewards Certificate of Pirate, a vitality increase potion, and 16,000 pirate coins.

By diligently completing this Una’s Task for 15 days, you not only secure one of the crucial materials for crafting the Astray but also accumulate a substantial amount of pirate coins toward the required 300,000 for the “Pirate Star: Astray” item.

Crafting the Astray

Once you have gathered all the necessary materials, it’s time to craft the Lost Ark Astray itself. Proceed to Blackfang’s Den and find Belrod, the only craftsman capable of constructing the Astray. The crafting cost for the Astray is 10,000 silver, which is relatively modest considering the overall investment required.

Additionally, ensure that you have sufficient uncommon ship parts. If you lack these materials, visit the Processor NPC in any city. Scroll down to the “Part Materials” tab to find and craft the required uncommon ship parts.



Crafting the Astray in Lost Ark is a challenging yet rewarding task. By following the detailed steps outlined in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to obtaining the best ship in the game. Remember, patience and dedication are key to successfully completing Una’s Tasks, acquiring the necessary materials, and maximizing Astray’s potential.

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