The Tears Kingdom Summerwing Butterfly holds significant value in the game, offering Cold Resistance when used in combination with monster parts in recipes. 

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, discovering and capturing the Summerwing Butterfly is not only an exciting challenge but also a rewarding task. However, the importance extends beyond the cold resistance aspect. Acquiring the Tears Kingdom Summerwing Butterfly is crucial for upgrading your Ember armor set, granting you enhanced abilities and protection.

This guide will unveil the secrets of locating and acquiring the Tears Kingdom Summerwing Butterfly. It will provide you with the information you need to enhance your gameplay and unlock its invaluable benefits.

Map location
Map location

How to get the Tears Kingdom Summerwing Butterfly

To start on your quest for the Summerwing Butterfly, you must venture into warm climates within the game world. Specifically, the in-game information suggests searching in Eldin Canyon, a region situated in the northeastern part of Hyrule, close to Death Mountain and Deep Akkala.

Eldin Canyon Location

The provided map illustrates one of the prime locations where the Summerwing Butterfly is commonly found. Look for this area looks like a substantial rock formation. Typically, players discover two Tears Kingdom Summerwing Butterflies in close proximity to the rock. Keep in mind that you might also encounter other insects, such as Warm Darners and Fireproof Lizards, in this vicinity.

Gerudo Highlands Exploration

Another promising location to scout for the Summerwing Butterfly is the Gerudo Highlands. As you venture into this region, be prepared to face extreme heat conditions. It is advisable to equip armor that provides resistance to extreme temperatures to ensure your safety during your search for the elusive butterfly. The Gerudo Highlands encompass the desert and hilly areas surrounding Gerudo Town.

Stealth is Key

Approaching the Tears Kingdom Summerwing Butterfly requires a stealthy approach. To prevent the butterfly from fluttering away before you can catch it, make sure to move in a crouched position. By doing so, you reduce the chances of startling the butterfly and increase your likelihood of successfully capturing it.

Alternative Methods to get Tears Kingdom Summerwing Butterfly

In case you are having difficulty finding the Summerwing Butterfly in the wild, there are alternative methods to obtain this prized insect. One such method involves purchasing the butterfly from Beedle, a traveling merchant who frequents various stables across the game world. Beedle offers the Summerwing Butterfly for sale at a price of 10 rupees. However, please note that Beedle’s inventory is limited to a maximum of three butterflies at a time.

Beedle’s Locations

Beedle’s locations vary, but two reliable spots to encounter him are near the Snowfield Stable and Tabantha Bridge Stable. It is important to remember that Beedle’s available stock may vary depending on his current location. Therefore, if you are specifically seeking the Summerwing Butterfly, it is advisable to visit him near the Snowfield Stable or the Tabantha Bridge Stable.

Additionally, while exploring the edge of Kara Kara Bazaar, you may chance upon Beedle once again. In this location, Beedle occasionally has up to five Summerwing Butterflies available for purchase.

Power of the Summerwing Butterfly

Once you have successfully obtained the Summerwing Butterfly, its potential can be fully harnessed. Incorporate it into your recipes along with monster parts to benefit from the Cold Resistance it provides. Moreover, acquiring the Summerwing Butterfly is an essential step towards upgrading your Ember armor set, unlocking new abilities and enhancing your character’s overall strength.


Note: The locations and availability of the Summerwing Butterfly may vary depending on game updates and individual gameplay experiences.

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