How to Unlock The Final Boss in Bayonetta Origins

This guide will provide you with all the necessary information on how to unlock and defeat the Bayonetta Origins Final Boss.

Upon finishing the main story of Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, players can face a final challenge. Players can do it by accessing an additional chapter that unlocks the true final boss, The Affirmer of Phenomena. This fight rewards players with a secret ending that adds new depth to the game’s story. Moreover, defeating The Affirmer of Phenomena grants players access to several new outfits that offer unique gameplay styles. This changes the player’s experience from their initial playthrough.


How to Unlock the Final Boss in Bayonetta Origins

To find The Affirmer of Phenomena, players must complete all 13 main story chapters and unlock Jeanne’s Tale. It is a side story that players can find under the “Extras” option on the title screen. Jeanne’s Tale features Jeanne, Cereza’s future rival, accompanied by a new companion who differs slightly in combat. 

Players should familiarize themselves with these changes as The Affirmer of Phenomena can only be defeated as Jeanne since this foe kidnaps Cereza going into this epilogue. Similar to the side chapters found after beating Bayonetta 3, Jeanne’s Tale presents a higher level of difficulty, providing players with a bigger challenge than the base game.

How beat Bayonetta Origins Final Boss

Players will be accompanied by a different companion, named “Charles” or Red Cheshire, when facing the true Bayonetta Origins final boss. This companion has a slightly larger area of effect on their Thorn Bind magical ability. This can be further enhanced by using any Elemental Cores. 

Players can also switch freely between Hug and Unleashed modes when using Charles in battle. However, they should take note of the longer cooldown on Thorn Bind when fighting The Affirmer. After that, make necessary adjustments to their gameplay.

The Affirmer of Phenomena is a boss that uses multiple area-of-effect attacks. This forces players to move constantly to avoid taking damage. The Bayonetta Origins final boss occasionally summons minions to fight alongside Red Cheshire and Jeanne, adding to the chaos of the battle. As the ultimate challenge in Bayonetta Origins, players may find it difficult to overcome this dangerous boss, making it a worthy secret boss.



Upon defeating the Affirmer, players will receive a variety of rewards, including a secret ending and three new outfits. The hidden ending features Jeanne. She vows to become the strongest Umbran witch while parting ways with Red Cheshire, and reuniting with Cereza.

The three new outfits that players unlock after beating Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon include Jeanne’s, Charles’, and the Arch Eve Origin costume. The first two outfits allow players to experience gameplay in the main story similar to what is seen in Jeanne’s Tale. This provides a unique twist to their original playthrough. On the other hand, the Arch Eve Origin costume offers players a fresh look for their character.

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