How To Get The Guava Berry In Sun Haven

If you are finding difficulties in getting the Sun Haven Guava Berry then do not worry. This guide will give you all the information you need.

In Sun Haven, players can easily obtain numerous items to enhance their gameplay. However, the Sun Haven guava berry poses a challenge. The key to obtaining this item lies in players’ ability to determine its availability at the store. This can differ from the game’s seasonal recommendations. Players will also need to accurately predict its growth and harvest time.

Procuring guava berry seeds proves to be a difficult task for many players due to their presence in the Summer Crops Bundle at the Sun Haven Museum. Despite their initial appearance as a summer item, guava berries are only available during the fall season. Therefore, players can only purchase the seeds from the Farming Store during the fall to grow and reap the rewards of this item. The guide below will explain you everything in detail.


How to get Sun Haven Guava Berry

To obtain the Sun Haven guava berry, players must wait until the fall season and then visit Catherine’s farming shop. It is near the general store in Sun Haven. Here, they will encounter Emmett, who sells seasonal seeds, including guava berry seeds for a price of 60 coins each. Once purchased, players must till the land using a hoe, which they can also obtain from the Farming Store.

Next, players must locate the previously tilled land and select the option to plant the guava berry seeds. Daily watering is necessary to ensure proper growth within the estimated time frame. Missed watering days will result in growth delays, which can be especially frustrating for players. However, rainy days offer a reprieve from manual watering. After approximately 8 days of growth, players can harvest the guava berry using a scythe.

Keep in mind that players cannot plant seeds from their inventory. They must be placed in the utility bar for the option to plant them to appear.

Rewards and Benefits of Growing Guava Berries in Sun Haven


Harvesting Sun Haven guava berries serves a dual purpose of contributing towards the completion of the Summer Crops Bundle and earning players a profit. After harvesting the guava berries, players can bring them to the Sun Haven Museum to count towards completing the Summer Crops Bundle. Once the bundle is complete, players are rewarded with highly beneficial items such as the Keg, Advanced Magic Fertilizer, and the Summer Scarecrow.

Additionally, players can sell the guava berries for 80 coins, which is a profitable return on investment. With the completion of the Summer Crops Bundle and the rewards obtained, players can progress further in their quest to bring peace to Sun Haven.

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