How To Unlock Crimson Meteor Vehicle in Tower of Fantasy

Do you want to unlock the Tower of Fantasy Crimson Meteor vehicle too? The guide below will help you with all the details.

The Tower of Fantasy updates brings a host of new content to the game. This includes a new map, boss, enemies, outfits, accessories, and a new island for players to call their home. In addition, the updates also introduced the Crimson Meteor vehicle to the Vehicles menu. This sleek motorbike is sure to make a statement with its bright crimson color and unique design. 

It features blueish neon wheels and graffiti on its sides. This bike is the brightest crimson star in the collection and is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. So, players can choose it to speed up their transportation. But how will you unlock the Tower of Fantasy Crimson Meteor Vehicle? Do not worry, our guide will help you with that.

Crimson meteor
Crimson meteor

How to unlock the Tower of Fantasy Crimson Meteor Vehicle

To gain access to the Crimson Meteor Vehicle in Tower of Fantasy, players must first unlock the Artificial Island Construction feature in Build Mode. After that, collect a total of 140 Tech Store Tokens. Players can get this tokens by exploring the Artificial Island. It is done either by reaching level 60 or accumulating 840 experience points. They can then get exchanged for the vehicle at the island’s Exchange Store.

Obtaining Tech Store Tokens

In order to unlock the Crimson Meteor Vehicle in Tower of Fantasy, players will need to unlock the Artificial Island Construction feature and collect a total of 140 Tech Store Tokens. These tokens are a special in-game currency that players can get by trading materials in the Exchange Store, which is located on the Artificial Island.

To acquire the first 100 tokens, players will need to swap 20,000 Metal Materials, Fiber Materials, Energy Materials, Supply Materials, and Accessory Materials. However, obtaining the remaining 40 tokens can be a bit more challenging, as they require 600 Quality Materials and Composite Materials. These rare materials can only be obtained by defeating bosses in the Artificial Island Construction feature.

Obtaining Resources for the Tower of Fantasy Crimson Meteor

Gathering resources is an integral part of the Tower of Fantasy experience. By defeating the various enemies and bosses scattered throughout the island, players can acquire a lot of materials. From the Hyena Thug to the Steel Lizard, Honey Badger, and Monkey Alpha, there are countless opportunities. These are all opportunities to collect the materials needed to unlock the Tower of Fantasy Crimson Meteor vehicle. 

However, it should be noted that obtaining the necessary resources can be time-consuming. This is because every 20 Tech Store Tokens requires 20,000 materials. Additionally, some resources may not be available every day. Therefore, consistency is key in order to unlocking the sleek and stylish bike.

In Tower of Fantasy’s Build Mode, players have the ability to generate specific Resources by constructing houses on their artificial island. To collect these resources, players can simply open the menu and select Build Mode. Within the building section, players can click the “claim” button to gather all materials produced overnight. 

The number of resources collected can be increased by leveling up the buildings. Each level adds a Smart Servant to the structure, thereby increasing the number of resources obtained. To unlock the Tower of Fantasy Crimson Meteor vehicle, it is essential for players to consistently collect resources daily. This makes Build Mode an important aspect of the game.

Crimson meteor
Crimson meteor

Accessing the Exchange Store

Accessing the Exchange Store in Tower of Fantasy is easy and straightforward. To start, players can open the menu and select Build, then navigate to the Exchange Store. Alternatively, wanderers can use the fast travel feature to reach Artificial Island Construction and find the Exchange Store located in Base Zero (it’s the green bus). Once there, players can trade their collected materials for Universal Token of Banges. Finally, head to the Tech Store Token section and purchase the highly sought-after Crimson Meteor vehicle.

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