The Fire Force Online trade system is a great way to get the items that you want without having to spend real money.

Are you having a blast playing Fire Force Online? It’s an amazing game where you become a powerful fire user to take on other players and Infernals. But wait, did you know you can trade items with other players? It’s like swapping cards with your friends. So the Fire Force Online trade system can be a little difficult but do not worry because we have the perfect guide for you. Let’s  dive into how to do it.

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Finding the Trading NPC

Imagine you have an item in the game that you don’t really need, like an accessory that doesn’t match your character’s style. Instead of just letting it gather dust, you can trade it with another player who might want it. But first, you need to find the right person to trade with. In Fire Force Online, you’ll have to locate an NPC (a game character) who handles trades. This character’s name is Gregory. He’s not too hard to find. 

Gregory is the NPC who handles the Fire Force Online trade system. If you want to trade items with other players, you need to find Gregory and start a trade with him. To find Gregory in Fire Force Online, you need to go to the Warehouse, which is located in the City Center. Once in the Warehouse, you will see a fenced building with pipes near the player spawn. Climb over the fence or just go around it. Then explore the first floor of the building to find Gregory.

Fire Force Online trade system

Trading in Fire Force Online is like sharing your toys with friends. When you find Gregory, interact with him. He’ll ask if you want to trade with other players. Say “Yes please” to see a list of players available for trading.

Next, choose the player you want to trade with. If they agree, a trading menu will pop up on the screen. Now comes the fun part! Drag the item you want to trade from your inventory into the left box. The other player will do the same on the right side.

If you both like what’s being offered, click “Accept Trade.” That’s it! You’ve successfully completed a trade. How cool is that? Plus, you can trade a bunch of different items, like Shards or Rerolls, to make your game even more exciting.

There are a few things to keep in mind when trading in Fire Force Online:

  • Not all items can be traded. Items that are received via redeemable codes cannot be traded.
  • Players can only trade with players who are in the same world as them.
  • Players can only trade a limited number of items per day.
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Here are some tips for trading in Fire Force Online:

  • Be sure to check the prices of items before you trade them. You don’t want to trade an item for something that is worth less.
  • Be careful who you trade with. There are some players who will try to scam you.
  • If you are unsure about a trade, it is always best to ask for help from a friend or guildmate.


Fire Force Online trade system is a fantastic way to share items you don’t need and get something cool in return. Now that you know how to find Gregory and make trades, go out there and have a blast exchanging items with your fellow gamers. Happy trading and gaming!

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