The BG3 Scuffed Rock is a small but rewarding mystery. It is a good reminder that even the most ordinary-looking objects can have hidden secrets.

Have you been exploring the magical world of Baldur’s Gate 3? It’s a game filled with exciting secrets and treasures waiting for you to uncover. Sometimes, finding these treasures might be a little tricky. That’s the case with the Scuffed Rock. The Scuffed Rock in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a small, unassuming rock that can be found on the beach near the Nautiloid crash site. 

It is not immediately apparent that there is anything special about the rock, but if you get close enough, your characters will roll a passive Nature check. If they pass, the Scuffed Rock will be highlighted as an item. Don’t worry, we’ve got a guide to help you move that rock and discover the awesome treasure hidden beneath it. So read the BG3 scuffed rock guide till the end.

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Finding the BG3 Scuffed Rock

In Baldur’s Gate 3, there’s the Scuffed Rock. You’ll find it early in the game near the Nautiloid crash site. If you’re wondering where that is, it’s southwest of the crash site. Look for a little bay cove area. To get there, you can jump onto the path that leads straight to the rock.

How to Move BG3 Scuffed Rock 

Once you reach the Scuffed Rock, try interacting with it. Your character will do something called a “Perception check.” If you pass this check, your character will notice that there’s something special under the rock. Cool, right? But there’s a catch – you’ll have to move the rock to get to the hidden treasure. To do this, you need someone strong enough to lift the rock.

If your character isn’t super strong, don’t worry. You can ask a character named Shadowheart to help. She’s got a Strength stat of 13, which means she’s pretty strong. If you choose her, and you pass the Strength check, it’s time for the fun part. Click on the BG3 Scuffed Rock and drag it away to the side. Ta-da! Underneath, you’ll find a fancy chest full of cool stuff.


Opening that chest is like opening a treasure trove. Inside, you might find things like Harper’s Map and a notebook. These items could be really helpful on your adventure. The following is the full list of rewards you will get after moving the rock:

  • Harper’s Notebook: This notebook contains information about the Harpers, a secret society that opposes the tyranny of the Lord’s Alliance.
  • Harper’s Map: This map shows the location of a hidden cache of supplies in the Underdark.
  • Potion of Speed: This consumable item increases the user’s movement speed for a short period of time.
  • Ruby: This gemstone is worth a small fortune.
  • Agate: This gemstone is used in jewelry and other decorative items.
  • Gold: This precious metal is used to purchase goods and services.
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Things to Remember

  • Scuffed Rock is located to the southwest of the Nautiloid crash site, on a small path that leads to a cave.
  • The rock is slightly darker and more scuffed than the surrounding rocks, which is what gives it its name.
  • The rock is actually quite heavy, and it takes a character with at least 13 Strength to move it.


Moving the BG3 Scuffed Rock might seem a bit tough, but with the right character and a bit of strength, you’ll uncover an amazing treasure. So, get ready to explore, solve puzzles, and find hidden goodies that will make your journey even more exciting. 

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