Want to know how to get the Final Fantasy XIV Iron Hatchet? The guide below will give you all the details about it.

The players in Final Fantasy XIV’s Island Sanctuary can use the Iron Hatchet, a Tool for harvesting resources from trees. The resources like Island Resin, Island Coconuts, and Island Beehive Chips. This Final Fantasy XIV Iron Hatchet is an upgrade from the Stone and Bronze Tools. It was there before Patch 6.3. 

With the new resources obtained from the Iron Hatchet, players can keep improving their island paradise. Moreover, they can discover new crafting recipes. However, players must meet a prerequisite to obtaining the Hatchet’s crafting recipe from Felicitous Furball. Keep reading to know how to get the Final Fantasy XIV Iron Hatchet and guides.

Iron Hatchet
Iron Hatchet

Requirements to unlock Final Fantasy XIV Iron Hatchet

If you want to obtain the Iron Hatchet in Final Fantasy XIV’s Island Sanctuary, there are a few prerequisites you must fulfill. First, you must reach Rank 10, which requires significant effort and time investment in developing your island. Additionally, players must have crafted all the previous Tools before they can obtain this upgrade.

Getting to Rank 10 will require you to complete daily and weekly tasks. Also, you will have to craft items to achieve objectives and manage your livestock. While it may take several days or even weeks to reach this goal, expanding and upgrading your homestead should always be a priority before investing in cosmetic purchases.

How to craft the Final Fantasy XIV Iron Hatchet

Once Final Fantasy XIV players reach Rank 10 on their Island Sanctuary, they can obtain the recipe for the Iron Hatchet from Felicitous Furball at the coordinates (X:12.6, Y: 28.4). Players will need Island Log × 3, Island Iron Ore × 2, and Island Quartz × 3 to craft the Hatchet. By the time players reach Rank 10, they will likely have all the required materials in their stockpiles. However, if they are missing any of these resources, they players can find them at specific locations on the island.

Finding Island Logs, Island Iron Ore, and Island Quartz

Players can get the Island Logs from trees located at (X: 20, Y: 23), Island Iron Ore can be taken from mineral nodes at (X: 26, Y: 20), and Island Quartz is available from nodes at (X: 22, Y: 16). To make the process more efficient, players should unlock flying on the Island Sanctuary, as locating these nodes on foot can be time-consuming.

Harvestable Resources with Iron Hatchet 

With the Final Fantasy XIV Iron Hatchet in hand, players can start harvesting a variety of resources on their Island Sanctuary. Here are the resources that players can obtain with the Iron Hatchet and where they can find it:

Island Resin

Harvested from Tualong Trees, Island Resin is a key ingredient in various crafting recipes for furniture, decorations, and even food items. Tualong Trees are available in different locations on the island, and their resin is helpful to craft materials for Rank 10 and above.

Island Beehive Chips

Apple Trees provide players with the sweet nectar of Island Beehive Chips. They are essential for crafting consumables like honey-glazed pastries, beverages, and more. Players can harvest Apple Trees using the Iron Hatchet, but they should be careful as bees can get agitated when disturbed.

Island Wood Opal

Mahogany Trees yield Island Wood Opals, a semi-precious gemstone used to craft accessories and high-level gear. As players progress towards higher ranks on their island, they will require more of these Opals, so having a steady supply of them can be very beneficial.

Island Coconuts

Palm Trees bear Island Coconuts, a valuable resource that can be used to create a range of dishes, including coconut milk, desserts, and other treats. The trees can be harvested using the Iron Hatchet, but players should be wary of the nuts falling on their heads.

Island Coconut
Island Coconut

Multicolor Islebloom

This resource is more challenging to acquire than the others and requires players to have flying unlocked on their Island Sanctuary. Once flying is available, players can locate nodes atop ridges to harvest Multicolor Isleblooms. These flowers are used in crafting various items such as dyes and glazes.

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