Want to know how to increase Lost Ark charisma easily? We will give you some of the best ways that will help you.

In Lost Ark, developing your character is a vital part of the gameplay experience, and there are multiple ways to accomplish this. One of the ways to boost your character’s appeal is by increasing their Charisma through Virtues. Fortunately, Lost Ark offers a variety of methods to do this. In this guide, we will tell you how to increase Lost Ark Charisma.


How to increase Lost Ark Charisma


While the main quests and boss fights in Lost Ark offer substantial rewards, players shouldn’t overlook the benefits of completing side quests. Not only do these quests provide additional content to explore, but they also offer an excellent opportunity to increase your Lost Ark Charisma. Since main quests are limited in number, taking on side quests is a smart move for long-term character development. Therefore, increasing your character’s Charisma by completing side quests is one of the most effective methods in Lost Ark.

Charisma Potions

In Lost Ark, Charisma Potions can be obtained while playing a wide variety of activities. However, it’s easy to lose track of how many of these potions you have and where you acquired them. To check how many Charisma Potions you currently possess and their origins, simply press ALT+D to open the Codex.

Charisma Potions are highly valuable because consuming just one will permanently increase your overall Charisma points by 10. The only reason players may not have noticed this item in their possession is that it cannot be sold, destroyed, or dismantled. It remains with your character until you consume it, providing a permanent boost to your Charisma.


To increase your Lost Ark Charisma, completing and unlocking Achievements and titles is a great way. To access them, click on the Legacy at the bottom of the screen and go to titles. There, you’ll find a list of Prefixes and Suffixes that grant your character Virtue points. These titles don’t require activation. Once you earn them, they will automatically reward your character with +1 Charisma, Kindness, or other Virtue bonuses.

In addition, visiting the Achievements section will allow you to track your progress toward completing achievements. Focus on those that are close to completion, as reaching 100% completion will grant you Virtue points that are crucial for improving your character’s overall personality traits in Lost Ark.

Play songs

Under the Adventure section, you can find the Normal tab where you will come across a tracker for playing certain songs. For instance, playing the Song of Resonance 150 times will grant you a completion reward along with a possible Charisma level boost of +2 or more in Lost Ark.

While this may not be the quickest way to increase your Lost Ark Charisma, it is a viable option if you want a permanent boost but do not want to undertake quests, missions, or other tasks mentioned earlier.

Una’s Tasks

If you’re feeling burnt out from doing main and side quests continuously in Lost Ark, you can take a break and focus on completing Una’s Tasks instead. These are daily and weekly missions that players can undertake to earn quick rewards or work towards a more substantial reward over the course of a week.

The daily missions reset frequently, while the weekly ones take longer to complete, but both provide ample opportunities to boost your character’s Charisma in Lost Ark. Completing Una’s Tasks not only improves your Charisma but also grants you a significant boost to the other three Virtues.

Adventure book

It’s recommended that you explore the Adventure Book to earn charisma points in Lost Ark. You’ll discover several opportunities there to increase your Virtues, usually gaining +1 or +2 points, and the missions will only take around 20 or 30 minutes to complete. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to finish these Hidden Stories found in the Adventure Book to boost your Lost Ark Charisma.

Adventure book
Adventure book

Build strong rapport

As you progress through Lost Ark, building a strong rapport with NPCs will have a positive impact on your character’s charisma. When you complete missions for NPCs and improve your relationship with them, you can earn rewards and boosts to all of your character’s Virtues, including Charisma. 

By completing more quests, you can not only improve your Rapport with NPCs but also increase your overall Lost Ark Charisma. So, the next time an NPC offers you a quest, don’t hesitate to accept it, as it can help you improve your Rapport rank and potentially give you a Charisma boost.

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