Final Fantasy 16 – Release Date, Trailers, Story, Gameplay, and more

Final Fantasy 16 is set to release soon. It features Eikons as a central gameplay element and promises a fresh take on the series’ story and combat.

As the highly anticipated release of Final Fantasy 16 approaches, Square Enix has been providing fans with a lot of information about the game. Among the details unveiled so far are the official release date, and story. We also know the exciting gameplay mechanics that include the concept of Eikons.

Square Enix is surely eager to redeem itself with a game that will exceed the expectations of both critics and fans alike. One of the main criticisms of Final Fantasy 15 was its sluggish combat system and decent open-world design. This left many players disappointed. Therefore, Square Enix is most likely aiming to make the series with a fresh and outstanding entry that addresses these issues and delivers an exceptional gaming experience.

With Final Fantasy 16 already generating buzz and excitement, fans are eagerly awaiting to see how Square Enix will deliver on their promises. Fans are also waiting to see how they will create a game that will live up to the Final Fantasy legacy. Continue reading below to know all the details about Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 Release Date

After a wait of six and a half years since the release of Final Fantasy 15 in 2016, Square Enix has announced the release date for Final Fantasy 16. It is set to release on June 22, 2023. During this time, the game developer primarily focused on the world of Final Fantasy 7. We saw the release of FF7 Remake and Crisis Core Reunion. 

As the release date for Final Fantasy 16 on June 22, 2023, draws nearer, fans are eagerly anticipating the game’s arrival. Square Enix is set to release a playable demo for the game, which will only add to the hype. The trailers released so far suggest that the game is living up to the high standards set by previous titles in the series. 

Final Fantasy 16 Trailers

FF16 marks the first entirely new story in the Final Fantasy universe in a long time. The hype around FF16 has been building up for two years with the release of four trailers. Those trailers were Awakening, Dominance, Ambition, and Revenge. These have left fans eager to see what the new game has in store.

By reimagining Summons as Eikons, Final Fantasy 16 is offering something fresh and exciting for fans. The trailers also hint at a departure from the crystal-centric plots that have characterized past Final Fantasy games. Given the sheer scope of JRPGs, it remains to be seen just how expansive and ambitious Final Fantasy 16 truly is.

Who are Eikons?

The core of Final Fantasy 16 has been made clear through the release of several trailers which focus on the game’s central theme: Eikons. Essentially, Eikons are the new name for Summons from previous Final Fantasy titles or Primals from FFXIV. Fans will be pleased to know that many beloved Eikons from previous games will be making a return in FF16. This includes Ifrit, Shiva, Titan, and Garuda, among others. In FF16, each Eikon corresponds to a particular element, such as fire for Ifrit and ice for Shiva. 

However, the Awakening trailer suggests that this system will be different. It will lead to a War of the Eikons and setting the stage for the game’s events. Importantly, FF16’s Eikons are linked to people known as Dominants. The details of this connection are not entirely clear. It seems that Dominants have the ability not only to summon Eikons but also to transform into them.

For example, the character Benedikta is shown wielding the Eikon Garuda, and players are previewed to see a gameplay scenario where they fight against Benedikta in Garuda form. It remains unclear whether this power is inherited from birth or bestowed upon a person later in life. The trailers suggest that Dominants are employed by their kingdom to fight in wars, and each time they use their Eikon, they appear to be permanently damaged.

Final Fantasy 16 Story

The story of Final Fantasy 16 takes place in the world of Valisthea. It has been decimated by a malevolent force known as Blight. In this land, each clan relies on its Mother Crystal to produce mana and support their people’s survival. Fans of the series will recognize the focus on crystals, similar to games like Crystal Chronicles. However, in FF16, the Blight has caused a shortage of resources, leading to inter-clan conflicts and wars. Dominants and their powerful Eikons are often at the center of these conflicts, as clans seek to obtain or destroy each other’s Eikons.

One of the clans in Valisthea is the Grand Duchy of Rosaria. It is a traditional stronghold inspired by French culture. The Arch Duke’s younger son, Joshua Rosfield, is a crucial figure in Rosaria. He is the Dominant of Phoenix, an Eikon that heals people using its fire-based powers. 

However, the game’s protagonist is actually Joshua’s older brother and personal guard, Clive Rosfield. The two brothers share a close bond. This makes it all the more devastating when Joshua is killed during an attack on Rosaria. The story of FF16 jumps ahead to a more mature and vengeful Clive, who is now embroiled in the Eikon wars while seeking to avenge his brother’s murder.


Clive’s journey to quell the flames of revenge in FF16

Notably, Clive Rosfield is revealed to be the Dominant of Ifrit, a powerful fire-based Eikon that clashes with his late brother’s Phoenix in the game’s logo. This contrast could reflect Clive’s journey to overcome his thirst for revenge and instead use his abilities to fight against the Blight and save the world. 

In order to do so, Clive must journey to other kingdoms and confront the Eikons that they worship. Those include the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, the Dhalmekian Republic, the Kingdom of Waloed, and the Iron Kingdom, known for their disdain towards Dominants. As Clive fights to cure the world of Blight, he must also learn to control his own destructive powers and channel them toward a greater purpose.

Final Fantasy 16 Gameplay

The Eikons in Final Fantasy 16 not only have a significant impact on the game’s story but also play a crucial role in the gameplay and combat system. Clive uses Eikon-related abilities during battles. This provides him with different elemental powers to defeat his enemies. While Ifrit is his primary Eikon, Clive learns to use other Eikons’ powers as he progresses through the game. 

In the gameplay footage, Clive showcases his combat skills, executing midair combos using Garuda’s wind-based Eikon power, This crushes the enemies with Titan’s earth-based Eikon abilities. These Eikon powers have cooldowns. Players can swap between them mid-combo to create chains of high-damage output and stagger enemies.


Final Fantasy 16’s combat system offers a combination of weighty impacts and fluid gameplay. Clive’s fire-based abilities activate quickly, despite their power. This helps streamline the flow of battle. Movement is crucial to success in combat, as there are various movement-based abilities available. 

There is a lightning-based ability that warps Clive close to enemies, a teleport to finish off downed enemies, and both backward and aerial dodges to increase evasion. In addition to this, Clive has a new companion named Torgal, a wolf that can be called upon to help in combat by either attacking monsters or healing Clive.


Animations and effects

The new look of the game brings cinematic camera movements to regular combat. The attack animations combine particle effects with the gritty style of Dark Souls. The battles in FF16 also get bigger with Eikon vs Eikon fights. It features the two fighters transforming into kaiju-like creatures to wreak havoc. The game captures the weight of each Eikon’s attacks and immerses the player into larger set pieces with well-placed quick-time events. While not entirely unique, these battles are truly epic and make an unforgettable combat experience.

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