All Bounty Puck locations in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

This guide will provide you with the exact Star Wars Jedi Survivor Bounty Pucks locations, along with some valuable tips to make your quest easier and more rewarding.

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, there is a side quest that involves collecting all Bounty Pucks. These Pucks are carried by various bounty hunters sent by the Syndicate to hunt down the protagonist, Cal, as retribution for his actions in the previous game. 

The quest to collect the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Bounty Pucks is initiated by a mysterious character named Caij Vanda, who offers the quest during a cutscene tied to the main story. Each Bounty Puck can be exchanged with Caij for blaster perks and style cosmetics at Greez’s Cantina. By collecting all Bounty Pucks, not only will you be rewarded handsomely, but you will also unlock a special achievement.


Star Wars Jedi Survivor Bounty Pucks Locations

1. Defeat Korej Lim

Your journey to collect the Bounty Pucks begins when you arrive at the Devastated Settlement on the planet Koboh. Korej Lim, the first bounty hunter, awaits you in this area characterized by a giant lava pit. Engage in a fierce battle with Korej Lim, who is highly mobile and relies on a jetpack to stay airborne. Defeating him will trigger a cutscene in which Caij introduces the Bounty Puck system and rewards.

2. Defeat Meyen Corr

Right after your encounter with Korej Lim, you’ll stumble upon Meyen Corr. He spawns at the Boiling Bluff, which is adjacent to the Devastated Settlement area on Koboh. You can find Meyen Corr specifically on the walled path that connects Rambler’s Reach to the Boiling Bluff. Although relatively easy to defeat, be cautious of his stun grenades.

3. Defeat Kip Ostar

Proceed to the Derelict Dam on Koboh to find Kip Ostar. This bounty hunter lurks in the tunnel just before the open area where a giant creature resides. Remember the door in the nearby cave that taunts you with a Bedlam Raider behind it? Kip Ostar can be found in the tunnel leading to that door. Watch out for his shield rush attack, but don’t worry as he isn’t too difficult to defeat. You can also utilize Roller droids to your advantage by throwing them at him for extra damage.

4. Defeat Raz

Head to the Koboh Forest Array complex on Koboh, where you first encountered Dagan. Raz can be found near the area where the Mogu beast prowls. Specifically, he spawns at the left side of the complex underneath the spot where the giant bird was once restrained. While Raz fights with companions, similar to other brawler droids, he shouldn’t pose a significant challenge. If you prefer, you can lure him to fight the Mogu beast first, allowing them to weaken each other before you intervene.

5. Defeat Gatt Medo

Make your way to Coruscant and descend to the under-levels, specifically the factory Freight Handling Depot. In this location, there is a large room where conveyors transfer cargo. Gatt Medo, the next bounty hunter, awaits you here. Engage in battle with him and prove your skills. Gatt Medo should pose a similar level of challenge as the previous bounty hunters you have encountered.

6. Defeat Vaslyn Martz

You can get this Bounty Puck by defeating Vaslyn Martz, a cunning bounty hunter who lurks in the Fogged Expanse. This treacherous area is located beyond the Mountain Ascent on Koboh. As you progress through the main story, you will encounter a section filled with dense fog, where the ambush takes place. 

Look out for a crashed Imperial shuttle and a hidden Imperial outpost, as Vaslyn Martz and his two accomplices await you there. Stay vigilant, as his allies may knock you down if you are not careful. It is advisable to focus your attacks on Vaslyn while avoiding his companions. This is one of the most Star Wars Jedi Survivor Bounty Pucks tasks.

7. Selfin Jook

Find Selfin Jook on the lower levels of the Observatory Understructure on Koboh. After navigating through a platforming section in the open sky, you will reach the first point of interest. This location serves as Selfin Jook’s hideout. While relatively easy to defeat, Selfin Jook may pose a challenge on higher difficulty levels. Patience is key in this encounter. Block and dodge incoming blaster fire while gradually closing in on Selfin Jook and his associates. Taking them out one-by-one can give you a significant advantage.

8. Defeat Mash

Mash, a powerful enemy, guards Star Wars Jedi Survivor Bounty Pucks. This encounter proves particularly challenging, especially on higher difficulty settings. By the time you face Mash, you will have acquired more combat options. To locate Mash, return to the Shattered Moon base and descend via the lift from the landing pad. 

Cross the chasm by ziplining and make sure to rest at the nearby Meditation Circle to ensure a respawn point. Proceed through the hallway with billowing steam, and Mash, accompanied by a nimble bounty hunter, will ambush you at the same spot where the first Bedlam Raider appeared during the main story mission. It is advisable to engage Mash from a distance whenever possible and swiftly dodge counterstrikes after delivering powerful blows.

9. Defeat Yuhong

Yuhong is a brawler droid near the Path of Restoration on Jedha. This encounter takes place in the valley and is associated with one of the wall puzzles related to the central tomb. Depart from the main base through the entrance that leads directly to the main valley, then follow the ridge to the left. 

The path of Resistance lies atop the cliff, and Yuhong awaits you on the ground level. Yuhong is supported by two bounty hunters. Although the open terrain offers flexibility in targeting your foes, it is recommended to focus on Yuhong last. Utilize heavy strikes and maintain a safe distance to evade its counterattacks, as you did when facing Mash.

10. Defeat Corde the Half and PR-85T the Other Half

The final pair of bounty hunters, Corde the Half and PR-85T the Other Half, can be located in the Halls of Ranvell on Jedha. As you progress through the complex, which you initially explore with Merrin before venturing into a sandstorm, you will encounter a long scaffolding section. After clearing this area, climb up a landing just before descending into the Skriton lair. 

It is essential to prioritize Corde, utilizing the Slow super force ability to gain an advantage. Facing the brawler droids alone is challenging enough, and minimizing the risk of interference from other enemies is crucial. Upon successfully defeating Corde, you will be rewarded with two Bounty Pucks.


11.Defeat KLE-0, Masi Finau, and Fenn Finau

The trio of KLE-0, Masi Finau, and Fenn Finau can be found at the Imperial ISB base on Nova Garon, specifically in the Hanger Bay section. These relentless bounty hunters await you at the end of a long, windowed hallway that connects the Hanger Bay to the main complex. If you have previously unlocked shortcuts leading to the Mantis, you can quickly reach this area. To provide additional context, the targeted apartment/barracks of your foes can be observed across the expanse, accompanied by a couple of conversing ISB agents near a control panel.

Prepare yourself for a challenging fight, particularly on higher difficulty levels. The optimal strategy involves prioritizing the elimination of the Finau siblings before focusing on the formidable brawler droid, KLE-0. Exploit KLE-0’s slower movement to create opportunities for individual attacks on the bounty hunters without interruptions. Your triumph in this battle will reward you with three Bounty Pucks.

12. Beat Caij at Holotactics

In a delightful twist, you will need to defeat Caij himself in a unique mini-game called Holotactics. Located at Greez’s cantina, known as Pyloon’s Saloon, on the planet Koboh, this challenge presents a medium difficulty level. However, overcoming Caij can prove to be quite frustrating. Fear not, for our detailed guide on defeating Caij at Holotactics will provide you with invaluable insights, enabling you to save time and effort on your path to victory.

13. Defeat Kili Oso

After successfully vanquishing most of the previous bounty hunters on your list, you will gain the opportunity to face Kili Oso. To initiate this encounter, speak to Caij at Pyloon’s Saloon. The confrontation with Kili Oso awaits you at Sepulcher Pass on the planet Jedha, along the route to the ancient temple ruins for the Hidden Path main story mission. As you progress past the large bridge, you will enter a circular chamber where Kili Oso can be found, accompanied by green ray shields on the side.

Prepare yourself for a more challenging battle, as Kili Oso uses various abilities reminiscent of the previous bounty hunters. The flashbang attacks can prove particularly troublesome, and you will also have to contend with other bounty hunters supporting Oso. Once you have depleted Oso’s health bar, she will attempt to escape via a zipline to another room. Utilize this momentary respite to heal before pursuing her and securing your victory. This is also one of the most difficult fights for Star Wars Jedi Survivor Bounty Pucks.

14. Defeat Jo the Cannibal

Your next adversary is Jo the Cannibal, the final member of the Haxion Brood bounty hunters you must defeat. Speak to Caij once again, and he will inform you that the Bedlam Raiders have partnered on this bounty, eagerly awaiting your arrival in the Lucrehulk ship on Koboh. Within the ship, you will find Jo the Cannibal at the Yurt Barracks, deep within the confines of the vessel. This specific location is where you previously encountered the Bedlam Raider Smasher wielding an electrifying hammer. 

The arena you seek is situated beyond the Bedlam Raider huts, where CIS troop transports deploy droids as part of the main story. Prepare for a challenge as you must defeat the Bedlam Raider Smasher and a Commando droid before Jo the Cannibal emerges in the arena. Although Jo the Cannibal is another brawler droid, be aware that they possess greater aggression and resilience compared to their counterparts. 

With multiple challenging opponents to overcome, this battle will test your skills and perseverance. Ensure you have an ample supply of health stims and maintain peak performance to emerge victorious.

15. Defeat Caij Vanda

Returning to Pyloon’s Saloon, you will receive a prompt regarding a new rumor associated with Caij. This leads you back to the Devastated Settlement on Koboh, where you previously encountered the first bounty hunter. At this location, you will find Caij, who will ultimately betray Cal, triggering a fierce battle. Rise to the challenge and emerge triumphant in defeating Caij. Your victory will unlock a surprise Easter egg event, the Bounty Puck achievement for acquiring all pucks, and Caij Vanda’s exclusive blaster components.

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