How to Find Conger Eel in Dredge

If you are looking for Dredge Conger Eel then you are at the right place. This guide will tell you how to find and use it.

In Dredge, players can experience a Lovecraftian-style horror while also engaging in fishing activities in the ocean. One of the side quests, called the Best Before Pursuit, requires players to catch a rare Conger Eel. It is typically found in shallow waters. The Ingfell Resident NPC requests this particular fish, prompting players to search extensively for it.

The Dredge Conger Eel is elusive and only appears at night. Thereofre, players must wait until dark to begin their fishing excursion. Despite the rolling fog that obstructs the water’s surface, players don’t need to venture too far into the ocean to find the Eel. However, they will need a specific type of fishing rod that can catch fish in shallow water. It is much like in the Red side quest, to successfully capture the Conger Eel and complete the Pursuit.


How To Find Dredge Conger Eel

Players can find the Conger Eel around the Gale Cliffs in several spots. However, they are particularly abundant in the center of area O3. Unfortunately, this area has hazardous waters that players must navigate while fishing. While the northwest corner of P4 also has Conger Eel, they are relatively scarce.

The most reliable places to find Dredge Conger Eel is in zones N4 to O4, which are unfortunately blocked off by debris. The only way to access these areas is by using Packed Explosives. This can be purchased from the Retired Whaler in the Little Marrow Whaling Yards. Once players reach these fishing spots, they may face challenging conditions such as choppy waves and atmospheric fog that contribute to Dredge’s horror aesthetic.

While the journey to catch Conger Eel may be difficult, players must persevere to complete the Best Before Pursuit. Even if they only manage to catch one Eel, it will be worth the effort to fulfill the Ingfell Resident NPC’s request.


In the Best Before Pursuit, players are tasked with catching a Conger Eel and allowing it to rot before turning it into the Ingfell Resident. This unusual request may seem off-putting at first, but it actually grants players a reward of $150, which can be used to purchase new equipment, materials, or upgrades.

Aside from the monetary gain, successfully completing this quest provides players with the opportunity to explore other rare creatures in the surrounding Gale Cliffs. Learning where to find Dredge Conger Eel gives players a better chance of finding other elusive creatures like Oarfish, which can also be found in this area.


As players become more skilled at fishing in Dredge, they may discover that the rewards extend beyond completing side quests. By exploring different areas and experimenting with different techniques, players may stumble upon valuable resources and unique creatures that enhance their gameplay experience.

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