Albion Online Rite of Spring event offers players a chance to obtain new rewards, including a darker Cottontail mount and cosmetics.

Albion Online is joining the spring celebration with its Rites of Spring event. This event offers players an opportunity to explore the game’s world and enjoy various rewards. It includes a new egg type, a new Cottontail mount, and other useful items. Here’s everything you need to know about the Albion Online Rite of Spring Event.

Albion Online Rite of Spring Event Time

The Rites of Spring event is currently running on Albion West through April 19th at 23:00 UTC and on Albion East through April 20th at 10 AM UTC. Players can participate in the event by logging into the game during the event period.

Spring Treasure Chests

During the Rites of Spring event, players will find Spring Treasure Chests in various locations. These chests offer useful items and festive eggs that players can use or trade. While exploring, players may also stumble upon colored eggs and chocolate eggs. They can collect it and use it for crafting or sell it to other players.

Cottontail Eggs

Cottontail eggs are rarer but will also spawn during the Albion Online Rite of Spring Event. These eggs offer a chance to obtain the cute and quick Spring Cottontail mount, which can help players travel faster in the game. However, this year, players can also get a chance to obtain the darker Caerleon Cottontail mount, which hops around in a sinister fashion. The new egg type this year is the Eerie Cottontail Egg, which players can use to try their luck in obtaining the new mount.

Albion Online Rite of Spring Event: Vanity Merchants

In addition to festive eggs and useful loot, players can also visit vanity merchants to purchase various cosmetics. These include the Eggsecutioner weapon and bunny-themed wardrobe pieces. These items do not offer any gameplay advantage, but they add fun and customization to players’ characters.

Rise of Spring Event
Rise of Spring Event


The Albion Online Rite of Spring Event offers a fun and festive way for players to enjoy the game’s world and obtain various rewards. From useful loot to rare mounts, players can try their luck in obtaining unique items and customization options for their characters. The event also adds a touch of spring and bunny-themed fun to the game, making it a great time to explore Albion Online.

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