Path of Exile Crucible – Everything you need to Know

Path of Exile Crucible, the latest expansion content for the popular action RPG game promises new challenges and features for players to experience.

Path of Exile, the popular action RPG game by Grinding Gear Games, is launching its latest expansion content. It is known as Crucible and it is coming out for PC players. The much-anticipated update is set to go live. There are queues already open for players to jump into the brand new arc and all-new challenges for the season. Here is everything you need to know about the Path of Exile Crucible.

Path of Exile Crucible: Release Date

Console players will have to wait a little longer for Crucible, as it is set to go live on April 12th at around 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. This means that they will have some time to see how the PC launch goes and what changes are there before they get their chance to jump into the action.

Path of Exile Crucible

Crucible promises to offer much right away, as players will be able to start their Crucible Farm early. They will not have to wait until the endgame to start. Completing Crucible encounters and channeling an item will unlock the skill tree. As items will have various types of skill trees, players will need to keep taking on challenges and completing encounters to get a good variety.

Grinding Gear Games has set up this new season as one that offers players much right away. There is a series of overhauls and the Boss Kill event to kick off the Crucible League. Competitors looking to seal themselves some glory and maybe ExileCon tickets will want to participate in the event.

To prepare for the launch of Crucible, the team has prepared a series of teasers filled with info on what to expect. It also includes the Boss Kill event and more. This will help players get the hang of the new features and challenges that the latest expansion has to offer.

Crucible Forges

By completing Crucible Forges, players of Path of Exile can earn experience. This allows them to unlock skill trees and advance through them. Additionally, Magmatic Orbs are available, which provide experience to a chosen Crucible weapon. Currently, these orbs are exclusively available in Vendor Passives in the weapon skill trees and a unique modifier on Primeval Remnants.


Crucible League

Towards the endgame of this league, Path of Exile players can achieve some remarkable feats. This includes merging weapons that possess Passive Skill Trees. At the Forge of the Titans, players can combine two items of the same type to create a potent new weapon. However, one of the original items is destroyable in the process. 

These Forges are usually obtainable as rewards from Primeval Remnants at the conclusion of a Path of Exile Crucible League map. The newly formed Skill Tree will comprise passives from both items, although the developers have suggested that there may be some ways to influence the outcome. While certain Passives are unlockable through this merging process, it should be noted that the combination can sometimes lead to improvements, weakening, or even mutations of the weapon’s various passives.

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