Want to know how to defeat the Valheim Seeker Soldiers? This guide will give you all the important information you need.

The Mistlands biome in Valheim is now home to the elusive Valheim Seekers – a new type of insectoid foes that come in two variations. One of these varieties can take to the air with its wings, posing a significant threat to unsuspecting Vikings. However, this variant spends most of its time grounded, providing an opportunity to spot them before they attack.

Stay alert, these critters are usually found in pairs, making exploration in the Mistlands all the more perilous. But don’t lose hope just yet, as learning their weaknesses is crucial to defeating them. So, let us give you the rundown on what you need to know to defeat Valheim Seeker Soldiers.


How to Defeat Valheim Seeker Soldiers

If you engage with Valheim Seeker Soldiers in direct combat, you will quickly discover that they are remarkably immune to the effects of damage. You have the ability to parry their attacks, but the harm that you inflict on them in return is not very significant. Your best bet is to sneak up behind them and attack them from that position. However, in order to strike them in the stomach, you’ll need to steer clear of their legs.

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They have a certain vulnerability to elemental damage, which means that the Staff of Embers or the Frost Staff will be of great assistance in this situation. The Frostner hammer is an acceptable substitute for magic if you do not yet have access to it. It will also help by slowing them down, which may make them simpler to deal with.

Moreover, it is possible to poison them. Because several of their strikes have a large knockback, and because the Mistlands has a lot of dangerous drops, you don’t want to fall to your death while you’re battling, the feather cape is also advised.

Keep in mind

It is important to note that the Frostner and the Mistwalker are powerful weapons that can be used in against Valheim Seeker Soldiers. However, in order to use these weapons, the player must go very near to the enemies. You might also try the Dead Raiser against a Seeker Soldier, but the beetle might be able to dispose of the skeleton in short order. 

As a direct consequence of this, the Staff of Embers and the Staff of Frost are the most effective weapons for eliminating Seeker Soldiers. If the enemy is directly in front of you, using the Staff of Frost is the best option. If, on the other hand, your positioning does not enable you to strike your opponent directly, you can still deal excellent area-of-effect damage with the scorching blasts that the missiles of the Staff of Embers produce.

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Both types drop Carapace, which can be crafted into Mistlands level armor, and Seeker Meat, which can be included in a number of different Valheim meal recipes. Mandibles, which can be used in the creation of two of the new weapons, will also be dropped by the kind of Seeker Soldier that does not have wings. Each has a possibility of dropping their respective trophies when killed.

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