How To Farm Leather Scraps In Valheim

In this complete guide, we will tell you how to farm Valheim Leather Scraps with all the other important details that you need.

In Valheim, players can easily obtain Leather Scraps by farming them. It is an important resource in crafting and building. These scraps drop from different sources like bats and wild boars. But for a consistent supply of Leather Scraps, players must build a farm to tame and breed wild boars. Farms are a low-risk way for players to obtain Valheim Leather Scraps near their home bases.

Before starting a boar farm, players should first establish a sturdy base and obtain some basic gear. Building a boar farm can be a bit challenging. Players must first trap wild boars in a pen made of fencing materials. Once trapped, players must feed them to calm and tame them. With multiple boars, players can breed them. This will allow them to farm Valheim’s Leather Scraps. In this guide, we will explain everything in detail. This will help you to understand how to farm Valheim Leather Scraps quickly.


Boar Farms

Boar farms are an essential aspect of Valheim. It provides players with a stable and reliable source of resources such as Leather Scraps, Boar Trophies, and Boar Meat. While Leather Scraps are the primary reason players build boar farms, they provide many other benefits that should not be overlooked.

Boar Trophies

Boar Trophies are decorative items that players can obtain by killing boars. These trophies can be hung on walls. This provides a unique and rustic feel to any Valheim base. Not only do they add to the aesthetic value of a base, but they also serve as a sign of accomplishment and achievement.

Boar Meat

Boar Meat is also a valuable resource that can be harvested by killing boars. This meat can be cooked and consumed, providing players with extra health and nourishment. Moreover, players can use the meat to make dishes such as the famous Valheim’s Lox Meat Pie.

Leather Scraps

Valheim Leather Scraps are the most crucial resource obtained from boar farms. They are used in many crafting and building recipes. Players can use Leather Scraps to make armor, weapons, and even the bow. This allows players to hunt deer and make Valheim’s famous Deer Stew. As such, boar farms are a must-have for any Valheim base, as they provide a reliable source of Leather Scraps.

How To Farm Valheim Leather Scraps

To start building a boar farm in Valheim, players must first find a suitable location to construct a boar pen. Typically, players must construct a ring of round pole fences with a single gap. It is best to choose a flat terrain if available, as it makes building easier. After building the pen, players need to locate the wild boar. This can be a risky task since these creatures are aggressive and will attack players on sight.

To trap a wild boar, players must lure it to chase them and then lead it back into the pen. The process begins by leading the boar through the gap in the fence. Then, quickly exit the pen while building a fence to close the gap and trap the boar inside. Once trapped, players can tame the boar by tossing food such as carrots into the pen to keep it fed. Taming can take several in-game days, so players must be patient throughout the process.

As players take the boar, they should notice golden hearts appearing. This indicates that the boar is gradually warming up to its new environment. Once the boar is fully tamed, players can use it to breed and obtain more wild boars. They can then use it to farm Valheim Leather Scraps. It is essential to note that a single boar can breed with up to four sows. This leads to an ample supply of boars in the long run.

Keep in mind

It is worth noting that building a boar farm is not an easy task, and it requires players to have a solid foundation in Valheim. Therefore, players should prioritize building a stable base and obtaining essential gear before embarking on this task. Nonetheless, the rewards of a successful boar farm are significant, as players will have a reliable source of Valheim Leather Scraps. With this, they can craft various things in Valheim.

Breeding Beasts

In Valheim, players have the opportunity to tame and breed various beasts, including boars, wolves, and Lox. This process can be incredibly beneficial, as it provides a stable source of resources and companionship while exploring the vast world of Valheim.


Players can even name-tame their beasts, providing a sense of ownership and affection toward them. Naming a beast is simple, as players need to select the beast and interact with it, where an option to name it will appear.

To breed beasts, players must have at least two of the same species in the same pen and keep them well-fed. Eventually, this will lead to pregnancy and the birth of a baby beast. As the baby beast grows, players can train and domesticate it, just like they would with a wild beast.

Breeding is a crucial aspect of taming beasts, as it provides players with a stable and reliable source of resources such as meat, hide, and Leather Scraps. To obtain Valheim Leather Scraps, players must breed enough boars, wolves, or Lox and kill and harvest some of them. This process requires some patience, but the rewards are substantial.

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