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Here is a guide on how to beat Piranha Plushtrap in Five Nights at Freddy. We have provided every detail about the Plushtrap.

Plushtrap is a minor opponent in Five Nights at Freddy’s. Springtrap’s animatronic plush toy is based on Spring Bonnie and is greenish, having formerly been yellow. His belly and the three parts of his ears are darker than the rest of his body. 

Furthermore, the color of Moreovertrap ranges from off-yellow to green. He has a short nose with little white teeth studded upper and lower jaws. His eyes are white with beady black pupils. He has a few little tears around his ears, face, and torso, but he is reasonably uninjured compared to the other Nightmare Animatronics. He has four connected fingers on each hand and three attached toes on each foot.

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How to beat Piranha Plushtrap

In Dark Rooms, Plushtrap makes his first appearance. In Five Nights at Freddy’s 4, the “Fun With Plushtrap” minigame has almost identical behavior. A white whicker chair positioned at the end of the hall is where he begins the game. Running slowly toward the player, he runs around the hallway. He will freeze if you shine a flashlight at him. Stopping him on the X in front of them is the only way. A run-ending jumpscare will result in failure.

The player is also rarely frightened by him popping out of the gift box after beating a minigame. A minor appearance of Plushtrap is part of the Pizza Party Hard Mode of Night Terrors. Dark Rooms’ Plushtrap will appear when the player enters a room like the room where the player encountered Plushtrap. Upon entering the room, the player must quickly leave before he jumpscares the player.

How to beat Piranha Plushtrap: Appearance

Piranha Plushtrap (Image credit: triple a fazbear fandom)

Plushtrap Piranha has a completely different design from Plushtrap. It is made from a flesh-like material with realistic gums and even has a built-in squeaker. Despite being extremely small and very small, his eyes are an ocean blue color and littered with long, thin, sharp teeth. 

In addition to the glowing orange gills on the sides of his head, his feet glow the same color. Whenever he moves his fingers, he exposes orange webbing in between his fingers. He has barnacles covering his ears, and string-like algae cover his stomach, his right leg, and his mouth. A gap in his torso reveals his ribs. And finally, his body is covered in spikes.

In the original environment, his surroundings are now what appears to be a lobster pot, filled with corals, pirate ship parts, and barrels. Piranha Plushtrap is extremely difficult to see because the level is entirely underwater and there is a bright light at the end of the map.

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How to beat Piranha Plushtrap: Mechanics

Piranha Plushtrap (Image credit: YouTube)

The mechanics of Plushtrap are unlike most, as he does not appear in the player’s home but instead transports them to a new environment. The CPU of Plushtrap allows it to be incompatible with other characters. Plushtrap will visit the player in this environment; teleporting when the light flickers and stringing at the player when the light is on. You can see two generators on either side of the player. By holding down the shock button behind them, the player fills up a meter behind them. 

If the player gets close enough to Plushtrap, both meters for both generators will glow green and the player will be able to shock and defeat the monster. In the meantime, he will jumpscare you if you get too close to him. A player’s generators may sometimes shut down for a short time, preventing him or her from shocking the victim. Also, the generators will stop running if the meter goes above green and fills all the way up.

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