Do not know how to beat Isaac Frost in Fight Night Champion? Our guide will help you win this extremely difficult fight with some tips.

Isaac Frost is the heavyweight champion of the world and the most difficult boxer to beat in Fight Night Champion. Many players are frustrated because they can’t just beat this champion in the game. He is so strong that he can knock you out with his normal punches too. You cannot even deal good damage to him easily because he will not let you do it. He won each of his fights en route to the heavyweight gold medal at the same amateur boxing tournament where Andre Bishop competed. 

However, Andre, the middleweight gold medalist, won the distinction of “fighter of the games.” In spite of this, Frost is quickly signed by D.L.McQueen, who pushes him to become heavyweight boxing’s next champion. Frost has a reputation as an arrogant, condescending, and self-serving thug whose opponents rarely survive the first round of his fights. As a result of McQueen’s aggressive pushing of Frost, he wins the Heavyweight championship a few years after turning pro. 

He’s 6’7″ tall and weighs about 250 pounds (113.4 kg). If you are also wondering how to beat Isaac Frost, then do not worry because our guide will help you to win this fight against the greatest and toughest champion in Fight Night Champion.

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How to beat Isaac Frost

Isaac Frost’s size, strength, and power were inspired by Ivan Drago, the villain from Rocky IV, while his appearance was inspired by WWE’s Randy Orton. Isaac Frost adopts the same defensive strategy as Floyd Mayweather: the Philly Shell, often known as the Shoulder Roll. In terms of boxing statistics, he outperforms both Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali at their peak.

No doubt that Isaac Frost is difficult to beat, but remember that it is not impossible. You can beat him down with a strategy or by trying different techniques. It might not be possible for everyone to beat him in the first attempt. Therefore, the best strategy is to keep trying and learn his moves. After that, you can make a strategy to block his moves and if you have an idea about his timing then it will be a cherry on the cake. You can easily dodge and deliver some good shots at him easily.

Isaac Frost fight gameplay
Isaac Frost fight gameplay (YouTube)
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You can give him body shots up to 75 times. Remember that you will need to keep moving around the ring. If you don’t, you will be cornered and Isaac can easily take you down. You will just need to give some quick shots and survive the first two rounds. When you reach the eighth round or near that, you will need to deliver some right and left hooks continuously. Do not worry and think that it will be difficult for you to survive till the eighth round. Rounds three and six have checkpoints, so it is not that difficult.

Survive and attack

For the first two rounds, you should just move around and try to survive. After that, in the next few rounds, you can take 75 body shots or something similar. Then again, try to move around and reach until the sixth round, so you have the checkpoint. Now is your chance to give some clear hooks to the champion. If you follow this and reach the eighth round, you will surely win this match. 

Isaac Frost fight gameplay
Isaac Frost fight gameplay (YouTube)

How to beat Isaac Frost in Fight Night Champion? Well, follow the above strategy, and you will never ask this question again. 

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