Friendship Evolution Pokemon Guide: Unlock Hidden Potential & Adorable New Forms!

What’s a Friendship Evolution Pokemon? How many friendly evolution Pokemon are available? Scroll down and find everything.

The evolution in Pokemon games plays a major role in trainers’ success. With candies and stones, you can evolve a Pokemon. But there are some Pokemon that can only be evolved with high friendship levels. Trainers have to earn infinite XP to complete the evolution for some Pokemon. Friendship Evolution Pokémon also grants special moves and skills. Whenever you increase happiness for a Pokémon, you can increase your bond with it.

Friendship evolution was first launched in generation 2 games. Pokemon with high happiness levels will also automatically increase your friendship levels with them. Friendship or Friendly evolution Pokemon will grant bonus buffs for trainers during combat. A list of popular Pokemon from different generation games have also evolved with high friendship levels. Here’s all about the Pokemon friendship evolution list and more.

Pokemon Friendship Evolution – All You Need to Know

Friendship Evolution Pokemon
Pokemon lucario

A trainer can increase friendship levels with Pokemon by healing, claiming unlimited XP, completing trainer battles and winning raids. You can befriend Pokemon by walking together in the wild and taking care of it. Friendship evolution is done during both day and night. A trainer can raise bonds and complete friendship evolution with Pokemon with  friendship stats above 150.

Pokemon Friendship Evolution List

Pokemon Evolution Form When to Evolve 
Igglypuff Jigglypuff 
EeveeEspeon Day
EeveeUmbreon Night 
EeveeSylveon Evolve after learning a fairy type move
Azurill Marill
Riolu LucarioDay
Null Silvally
Munchlax Snorlax 

How to Increase Friendship Levels in Pokemon BDSP?

Raising friendship levels with a Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is easily done. Trainers can increase friendship levels with Pokemon by deploying these strategies,

  • Walking together with a Pokemon as a buddy and covering distance in the wild. You can also increase the bond by massaging a Pokemon 
  • Feed berries, sandwiches and curries to Pokemon and spend candies to increase the bond
  • Use Pokemon in battles frequently and level up their skills 
  • Keep healing Pokemon, use vitamins and utilize other battle items like Soothe Bell
  • Win battles with a Pokemon and claim XP rewards and increase your bond

These are the best methods to increase friendship with Pokemon. Trainers can complete friendship evolution and unlock powerful movesets from Pokemon. Whenever a Pokemon is attached with its trainer, the chances of winning battles will increase automatically.

That’s everything you need to know about the Pokemon friendship evolution list and Pokemon BDSP.


Can friends evolution Pokemon fight?

Yes, friendly evolution Pokemon can fight in battles just like regular Pokemon. The only difference is you have to increase friendship levels to evolve these types of units.

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