These Astonishing Facts of Goodra Pokemon are Sure to Surprise You

Goodra is a dragon type Pokemon. There are some fun and exciting facts about the Goodra Pokemon. Scroll down and find out everything.

Pokemon is one of the best video game series with games from many generations and regions. Goodra is one of those rare Pokemon from Generation 6 that’s completely jovial and calm in nature. Goodra belongs to the pseudo legendary Pokemon category and this Generation 6 Pokemon has a Hisuian form in generation 8. The story and history of Goodra Pokemon have been astonishing and mysterious. Goodra is a dragon type Pokemon and here are some facts about this fan favorite creature.

Goodra Pokemon Evolution
Goomy→ Sliggoo
Sliggoo→ Goodra

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Goodra Appearance Traits

Body ColorsA blend of purple, lavender, and dark purple hues.
Green SpotsTwo green round spots on its cheeks and tail, resembling a snail’s shell.
EyesTwo green eyes, adding to its unique appearance.
Horns and TailsCan unleash powerful attacks, even surpassing entire stats of some Pokemon.

Pokemon Goodra Facts, History, and More

The Pokedex in Pokemon has hundreds of dragon type Pokemon. Goodra is a powerful Dragon-type offensive Pokemon. Not many players are aware of Goodra’s background and secrets. Here are some interesting facts about Pokemon Goodra,

Goodra Pokemon facts
Goodra Pokemon
  • Goodra resembles a dragon and it has two different purple colors. Goodra’s body is a blend of purple, lavendar and dark purple which is a rare sight
  • Goodra’s cheek and tail has two green round spots which also indicates its snail-like traits. The green spots on its body looks like a snail’s shell and it has two green eyes as well
  • Goodra doesn’t love solitude. Goodra loves to make new friends and travel with them around the world
  • Goodra is calm and relaxed. The dragon type Pokemon always wears a smile and spreads love and affection. Goodra cares for its friends and neighbors. Goodra hates those who abandon it
  • Goodra prefers the rain climate as it roams on mountains, plains and the other wild locations during the rainy and snowy weather
  • Goodra is one of the rare Pokemon to have a Hisuian form from the generation 8
  • Both Kalosian and Hisuian forms of Goodra Pokemon have same traits and behaviour
  • Goodra’s strength is punch as the dragon type Pokemon loves to punch enemies during battles. Goodra also attacks using tails and horns
  • Goodra is a branched evolution.   Pokemon that belong to this type will have different evolution forms. Goomy evolves to Sliggoo, and Sliggoo evolves to Goodra.
  • Goodra is a mellow and meeky pokemon. Goodra’s friends teases its for its fragile appearance
  • Goodra is friendly and cheerful. Goodra roars and cries whenever it’s left alone by its companions
  • Goodra’s horns and tails can unleash brutal attacks as these body parts are even powerful than the entire stats of some Pokemon
  • Goodra will hug trainers and companions whenever it’s in a happy space. Goodra also performs better in battles during these times
  • Goodra appears in many  popular Pokemon games like Pokemon X and Y, Pokemon Legends Arceus, Pokemon Go, Pokemon Unite, Pokemon Sun and Moon, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

That’s everything you need to know about the facts of Pokemon Goodra. There are some Pokemon that resemble Pokeballs as well.


Is there a Shiny Goodra?

Yes, there’s a shiny form for Goodra Pokemon. Trainers can encounter the shiny Goodra in the kalos, a wild region in Pokemon Go. Shiny Goodra doesn’t spawn regularly and chances of catching one will be low.

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