Are Dracozolt and Arctovish the best fossil Pokemon from galar? Which is the best Pokemon for battles? Scroll down and find everything.

Fossil Pokemon are rare species that can be obtained using fossil items. These fossil Pokemon were found millions of years back. Fossil Pokemon spawns in all regions and they first appeared in Pokemon X and Y games. These Pokemon have appeared in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl and Pokemon Sword & Shield.

The galar region fossil Pokemon have been lethal and dominate the units from other regions. The wars between galar fossil Pokemon have been the best. In the Galar region, there are 4 fossil Pokemon. The Dracozolt and Arctovish are the two strongest in the Galar region. Both fossil Pokemon have unique powers and playing style. Here’s all about galar fossil Pokemon, battles and more.

Which is the Strongest Fossil Pokemon in Galar? – Dracozolt vs Arctovish


galar Fossil pokemon

Pokemon Dracozolt is a dual-type Electric and Dragon type fossil Pokemon from the Generation 8. Dracozolt looks like a dragon and bird. It has the special ability to generate electricity from its tail. Dracozolt has high atk, def, speed, and hp. It’s one of the best all-rounders in the galar region. With high stats and winning ratio, Dracozolt is an incredible unit and one of the strongest Pokemon from galar.


The water and ice type Pokemon from the generation is another mighty all-rounder. The only difference is that Arctovish doesn’t have great speed. Arctovish is a fish-plesiosaur hybrid fossil Pokemon. Arctovish hunts and captures its prey by applying freezing effects. The skin on Arctovish makes its impervious to attacks and moves.

Best Moves for Arctovish and Dracozolt 

Both fossil Pokemon have special skills. Water Absorb and Ice Body are the two main skills for Arctovish and these allow the Pokemon to retrieve half its hp when they receive Water-type attack. The Ice Body moveset also grants immunity to the hailstorm damage.

The strongest skill for Dracozolt is the Bolt Beak and this electric-type skill doubles the power for the Pokemon and attacks the adjacent targets. The Volt Absorb skill retrieves hp for the unit when it’s hit by an electric-type move like the Thunder Wave and this is another best moveset for the Pokemon.

These are the stats, skills and playing style of these two galar region fossil Pokemon. Both Dracozolt and Arctovish are powerful. When you compare them with stats, Dracozolt has a high movement speed and this makes this Pokemon stronger when compared to the other. Arctovish is stronger in defense. Both these Pokemon can dominate the Galar wars with their best skills.

That’s everything you need to know about galar Fossil Pokemon, Arctovish and Dracozolt.


Can Fossil Pokemon Evolve?

Yes, Fossil Pokemon can evolve just like regular Pokemon. The evolution forms of fossil Pokemon are stronger than the normal ones.

How to Catch Fossil Pokemon?

You have to collect fossil pieces in the wild to revive these prehistoric Pokemon. Fossil pieces can be collected from the in-game NPCs as well.

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