Which is the most strongest adamant nature Pokemon? What’s nature in Pokemon games? Find out everything about this trait in Pokemon games.

In Pokemon games, all Pokemon’s strengths and weaknesses are based on their skills, stats and nature. Nature is a unique mechanic and this trait was launched in Generation 3 Pokemon games. Every Pokemon has a nature trait and Adamant is one among them. The nature trait increases and decreases a stat for every Pokemon.

Pokémon with the Adamant nature will receive an attack boost and their special attack will reduce. These adamant nature Pokemon like spicy berries and dislike dry berries. In the Pokedex, there are many adamant nature Pokemon. But only a few Pokemon with this trait are powerful. Here are the top 5 adamant nature Pokemon that dominate the meta.

Top 5 Adamant Nature Pokemon for Meta


Doduo is a normal and flying type Pokemon from the Generation 1. Doduo is a strong attacker and evolves into Dodrio. The high movement speed of Doduo makes it a top-tier unit for raids. The Early Bird move allows the unit to awaken quickly and the Run Away move lets the Pokemon to flee with a wild Pokemon during the battle. Doduo is one of the best units with the adamant nature trait in the Pokedex.


Adamant Nature Pokemon
Mankey Pokemon

The Pig monkey Pokemon is a fighting Pokemon with high atk and speed. Mankey has two evolutions including Primeape and Annihilape. Mankey is an aggressive unit and it also stays calm in groups. The Vital Spirit ability stops the Pokemon from falling asleep. You can use the Anger Point skill to enhance attacks.


The fighting-type Pokemon from Generation 3 is also known as the Guts Pokemon. Makuhita is a good pick for PvP raids and it has high energy to knock down the opposing Pokemon. The Guts skill increases the attack by 50% and the Thick Fat reduces the damage taken level against fire and ice type moves. The Sheer Force is a hidden skill that increases the powers of moves.


The rock type Pokemon is a powerful attacker and available in generation 4 games. Cranidos, the Head Butt Pokemon, is strong in ranged battles and has the best control and accuracy. The best move for Cranidos is Mold Breaker and this grants several bonus effects.


The Bug and Fighting type Pokemon is a strong All-Rounder. Heracross is a top pick for ranked battles and it attacks the targets with its horns. The Swarm skill can be used to boost bug type moves by 50%. Moxie is a hidden ability that increases the user’s attack by one stage after fainting the target.

These 5 Adamant Nature Pokemon have been the best picks for both PvP and competitive leagues.


Are Adamant Nature Pokemon Good?

Yes, these Pokemon have been good for PvP raids and gym battles. Their only weaknesses is poor Sp. Atk, but you can use special skills to overcome their weaknesses in battles.

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