The Complete Guide to Kalos Fossils Pokemon: Amaura, Tyrunt, and Their Evolutions!

What’s a Fossil Pokemon? Is there a Fossil Pokemon in the Kalos region? Find out everything about Kalos fossil Pokemon.

In the Pokemon gaming series, there are tons of unique features from locations to species, and items to abilities. Fossil Pokemon is a rare creature that trainers can unlock from fossil items introduced millions of years ago. In every region, there are a couple of fossil Pokemon. The Kalos region is home to two fossils. One is Amaura and the other Pokemon is Tyrunt.

Finding a fossil Pokemon in Kalos is very hard as there are only 2 species in the Pokedex. Amaura and Tyrunt are companions of Grant, the Gym Leader  of Cyllage City. Both Amaura and Tyrunt are from rare fossils. Players can find fossil pieces of these Kalos region Pokemon from the wild. Here’s all about Kalos fossil Pokemon, stats, skills and evolution forms.

All About Kalos Fossil Pokemon

Amaura is a Rock and Ice type fossil Pokemon that players can unlock from the Sail Fossil. Tyrunt is a Rock and Dragon type Pokemon that’s revived from the Jaw Fossil. Both Fossil Pokemon are from generation 6 and can be found in Glittering Cave. Pokemon players can evolve Amaura to Aurorus at level 39 at night. Tyrunt  evolves into Tyrantrum at Level 39 during the day time.

Kalos Fossil Pokemon
Amaura Pokemon

Amaura and Aurorus are found in Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, X and Y. Tyrunt and Tyrantrum are found in Sun and Moon, X & Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Players can trade these Kalos fossil Pokemon in some editions. With rock type powers and skills, these fossil units from the kalos region will be a good option for attacking.

Kalos Fossil Pokemon Abilities

Kalos Fossil Pokemon
Tyrunt Pokemon

Fossil Pokemon have special skills just like the regular Pokemon in the Pokedex. All Kalos Fossils have unique skills and movesets. Here are all skills for these Pokemon,

  • Amaura & Aurorus– Snow Warning activates the five-tun long hailstorm. Refrigerate skill transforms normal moves into ice types
  • Tyrunt & Tyrantrum – The rock head skill negates recoil damage. Strong Jaw ability boosts biting moves and its powers. The Sturdy is a hidden skill that negates knockout attacks

Amaura and Aurorus are tundra Pokemon. Tyrunt is a Royal Heir Pokemon and its evolution, Tyrantrum, is a Despot Pokemon. That’s everything you need to know about fossil Pokemon from the Kalos region and their evolutions.

That’s everything you need to know about the kalos region Fossil Pokemon, evolution and moves.


What’s a Fossil Pokemon?

In the Pokemon universe, there are different species and creatures. Some Pokemon have multiple forms and fossil Pokemon are prehistoric forms. Players can resurrect them from fossils found as items in the wild.

Is Fossil Pokemon found in all regions?

Yes, Fossil Pokemon are found in all generations and regions.

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