What’s a Steel Fossil Pokemon? Are these Pokemon stronger? Find out everything.

In the Pokemon universe, there are countless Pokemon species from all generations and locations. Many Pokemon have different forms and evolution. There are rare creatures in the Pokemon world and Fossil Pokemon is one among them. A fossil Pokemon can be found by reviving a Pokemon’s fossils like shells, leaves, and skeleton. Fossil Pokemon are prehistoric forms and their fossils are items found across the wild.

Almost all fossil Pokemon belong to the Rock-type element and possess Rock-type skills. There are some steel-type fossil Pokemon as well. Scientists have discovered fossils of Pokemon in all generations except the second generation. Players can trade fossil items to friends. Fossil Pokemon are available in main games like Red and Blue, Eevee, and Sword & Shield. Here are the top strongest steel-type fossil Pokemon.

Strongest Steel Fossil Pokemon

Fossil Pokemon are a rare type in the Pokedex. These Pokemon are available in all regions. Here are the top 3 steel-type fossil Pokemon,


Steel Fossil Pokemon

The Rock and Steel Fossil Pokemon was launched in Generation 4. Pokemon players can resurrect Shieldon from Armor Fossil. The history of Shieldon says the Pokemon used to live in primeval jungles and dense forests 100 million years ago. Shieldon loves to eat berries, grass and tree roots. Shieldon has 2 powerful skills. The sturdy can be used to negate KO attacks and the hidden ability, Soundproof makes it immune to sound-type moves.


Genesect was formed using a fossil that’s 300 million years old. The bug and steel type Pokemon was introduced in Generation 5. Genesect is both a fossil and mythical Pokemon. Genesect uses the Techno Blast moveset which attacks Pokemon in adjacent sides. Techno Blast is one of the strongest movesets in Pokemon games and it’s best used for an attacker.



The rock and steel fossil type Pokemon design is based on a ceratopsian dinosaur. Bastiodon is a Generation 4 Pokemon and it evolves from Shieldon. It lives in herds and uses its shield-like face to negate damage. Bastiodon was found in regions where Rampardos spawn. Bastiodon is a strong offensive Pokemon and has two special skills and a hidden ability as well.

That’s everything you need to know about steel-type Fossil Pokemon. Find out these shocking facts about Goodra Pokemon. Also, find out the history of Umbreon Pokemon.


What’s a Fossil Pokemon?

In the Pokemon universe, there are different species and creatures. Some Pokemon have multiple forms and fossil Pokemon are prehistoric forms. Players can resurrect them from fossils found as items in the wild.

Does Fossil Pokemon Evolve?

Yes, some Fossil Pokemon evolve and some don’t have an evolution form.

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