There are lots of things coming to the Clash Of Clans June update. You have new troops, potions, and a lot of stat changes.

The newest Clash of Clans update has arrived, and let us tell you, there’s a whole lot of cool stuff to discover. They’ve added new troops, tons of upgrade levels, and made some big changes to keep things balanced. Every part of the game has something fresh to offer. Let’s take a closer look at all the exciting features that came with the Clash Of Clans June update.

Apprentice Warden
Apprentice Warden

Clash Of Clans June Update: Apprentice Warden Troop

Say hello to the Apprentice Warden, a brand-new Dark Elixir troop! This little guy uses a slingshot to shoot magical damage at enemies from a distance. Although he can’t fly like the Grand Warden, he can jump over walls and boost the health of all ground troops with his special Life Aura.

Clash Of Clans June Update: Super Hog Rider!

The Hog Rider got an upgrade! Now there is a super troop called the Super Hog Rider, and it’s stronger than ever. With higher health and more damage per second, this troop is ready to take on any challenge. When the Super Hog Rider gets destroyed, it splits into two separate units—the Hog and the Rider. The Hog can jump over walls and attack defenses, while the Rider goes after the nearest enemy building.

Clash Of Clans June Update: Magical Potions and Builder Bonuses!

Two awesome new magic items have been added to Clash of Clans: the Pet Potion and the Builder Star Jar. The Pet Potion speeds up the upgrade time for Pets in the Pet House by a whopping 24 times for one hour. And the Builder Star Jar lets you skip the waiting time for your Builder Base Star Bonus instantly. How cool is that?

Exciting Upgrades for Everyone

The Clash Of Clans June update brings a ton of new upgrade levels for troops, super troops, buildings, traps, siege machines, heroes, and pets. You can make your favorite things even more powerful and unlock their true potential!

Balancing the Game

The Clash Of Clans June update also includes some changes to make the game fairer and more fun. Here are the important balance changes:

  • Level 9 Miner now has more health—1250 instead of 1200.
  • Level 9 Super Miner also gets a health boost—from 3200 to 3500.
  • Mountain Golem and Flying Fortress in Clan Capital will no longer randomly choose their attack positions.
  • Eagle Artillery will be less likely to target Healers.
  • The Grand Warden will be less likely to follow Archers and Barbarians.
  • Troops will now deploy faster from Siege Machines when there are lots of them inside.
  • The reload speed of the Rage Spell Tower is now 20 seconds faster.
  • The damage buff of the Rage Tower is slightly reduced from 100% to 90%.
  • Other Spell Towers (like Poison and Invisibility) will take 10 seconds longer to reload.

Super Troop Changes

Here’s a cool new feature: you can now cancel any active Super Troop. If you have a Super Troop active but want to switch things up, you can use the ‘Cancel’ button. Just keep in mind that you won’t get any Dark Elixir or Super Potions back after canceling a Super Troop.

So there you have it, the fantastic new additions in the Clash of Clans June 2023 update. Whether you’re excited about the new troops, powerful upgrades, or cool potions, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this update. Get ready to have a blast in Clash of Clans!

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