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Fortnite is a dynamic game that constantly evolves with each new season, and Chapter 4 Season 3 is no exception. This season introduces exciting changes such as new weapons, map transformations, and engaging challenges. Among these alterations, the Fortnite NPC Locations in Chapter 4 Season 3 have also been refreshed. In this guide, we will explore the various Fortnite NPC Locations in Chapter 4 Season 3, and highlight the items they offer.

NPC locations
NPC locations

ALL Fortnite NPC Locations Chapter 4 Season 3 

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 boasts a total of 16 NPCs scattered throughout the map. It’s important to note that these NPCs may not always be found in their designated spawn locations due to player interactions. Nonetheless, let’s get into the Fortnite NPC locations and discover the unique items they have available for you:


Fennix is near a tower situated by Royal Ruin. This resourceful character offers the Combat SMG and Firefly Jar, providing you with the tools to dominate your opponents.


Inside The Hall of Whispers, you’ll encounter Volpez. This intriguing NPC provides the Furniture Disguise and SMG, enabling you to blend into your surroundings and surprise your enemies.

Innovator Slone

In the list of Fortnite NPC locations, next is located in the forests northeast of Southern Ruin, Innovator Slone awaits. This inventive character offers the FlapJack Rifle and Grenade, ensuring you have the firepower necessary to overcome any obstacle.


Aura can be found around Hitches and Ditches, in close proximity to Innovator Slone. By visiting this NPC, you’ll have access to the Thermal DMR and Key, granting you the enhanced vision and access to valuable areas.


Go west of Neon Bay Bridge to find Nia, a skilled NPC offering the Heavy Sniper Rifle and Tactical Pistol. With these weapons at your disposal, you’ll have an edge in long-range combat situations.

Guardian Amara 

Located in Brutal Bastion, Guardian Amara stands ready to assist you. This formidable NPC provides the Kinetic Boomerang and Small Shield Potion, equipping you with defensive capabilities and a unique ranged weapon.


Head over to The Apparatus, where Trace awaits. This resourceful NPC offers the Thermal DMR and Tactical Pistol, allowing you to engage your enemies with precision and versatility.


Make your way near the horse-shoe river bend and forest north of Shady Stilts to find Peely. This playful NPC offers the Banana and Shadow Tracker, adding a fruity twist to your arsenal along with a helpful tracking device.

Purradise Meowscles 

North of the lake at Sunswoon Lagoon, you’ll discover Purradise Meowscles. This feline NPC provides the Havoc Pump Shotgun and Shield Potion, empowering you with close-quarters combat proficiency and defensive capabilities.



Located near a farmhouse in Frenzy Fields, Remedy is at your service. This caring NPC offers the Med-Mist and the opportunity to hire a medic specialist, ensuring you have access to healing resources during intense battles.

Triage Trooper 

Inside the Slurp Cafe at Slappy Shores, you’ll find Triage Trooper. This skilled NPC provides the Med Kit and the option to hire a medic specialist, granting you crucial health regeneration during challenging encounters.


Climb the tower at Breakwater Bay to encounter Kitbash. This versatile NPC offers the Maven Auto Shotgun and the opportunity to hire a heavy specialist, bolstering your firepower when facing formidable opponents.


In Drift Ridge, you’ll come across Beastmode. This powerful NPC offers the Drum Shotgun and the chance to hire a heavy specialist, ensuring you can unleash devastating attacks on your foes.


Make your way to the roof of Rumble Ruins to meet Insight. This perceptive NPC provides Storm Circle hints and offers the option to hire a scout specialist, allowing you to stay one step ahead of the competition.


Perched atop the landmark at Eastern Watch, you’ll find Longshot. This sharpshooting NPC offers Storm Circle hints and the ability to hire a scout specialist, providing you with valuable information and tactical advantages.

Munitions Expert 

The final on our list of Fortnite NPC locations is in a garage. In a garage by Fallow Fuel, you’ll encounter Munitions Expert. This knowledgeable NPC offers upgrades and the chance to hire a supply specialist, ensuring you have a steady supply of essential resources during your adventures.

By familiarizing yourself with the various Fortnite NPC locations in Chapter 4 Season 3, you can strategically plan your encounters and acquire unique items that will aid you in your battles.

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