Pokemon Sword & Shield: Top 10 Shiny Hunting Methods

Which are the most effective shiny hunting methods in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Scroll down and find out the top ways to catch a shiny Pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is an amazing game for beginners. The action roleplaying game is set in the Galar region where players embark on a journey to hunt down a plethora of Pokemon in the wild. In every city and town, players can catch different species of Pokemon including the Shiny form.

Shiny Pokemon is another form of a Pokemon that’s rarely seen in the wild. Players can use special battle items to increase the spawn rate for shiny Pokemon. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, trainers can get two types of shiny forms. Getting Shiny form is done in many ways. Players prefer to deploy the shiny hunting method to get it easily. Here’s all about Pokemon Sword and Shield shiny hunting methods, tricks and more.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Shiny Hunting Methods – 10 Best Ways

Pokemon sword and shield shiny hunting methods
Shiny Pokemon

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, trainers get Star and Square shiny sparkle Pokemon. Getting a Shiny Pokemon is done in many ways in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Here are the best ways to catch Shiny Pokemon,

  • Explore the cities and towns of the Galar region. As there are thousands of locations, you can simply explore every spot and hunt for a wild catch. As you keep catching more Pokemon, you can encounter a shiny form with better spawning rates. The basic technique is to catch as many Pokemon and increase the chances for getting a shiny unit.
  • Finding a Brilliant Aura Pokémon is an effective method to hunt for a shiny unit. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, players can look for Pokemon that glows with a golden aura. Brilliant Aura Pokémon is seen anywhere in the wild. These types of Pokemon can turn into shiny ones.
  • Dynamax Adventures is another best way to catch a shiny form. In this DLC, players can simply use Pokeballs and other resources like Shiny Charm to catch a Pokemon. The normal Pokemon has higher chances to become a shiny one in Dynamax Adventures.
  • Catch all types of Pokemon in the wild and other areas. Once you complete your Pokedex in the Galar region, you will receive an in-game item called the Shiny Charm in the Circhester location in the 6th gym city of the Galar region. With the Shiny Charm item, your chances of encountering a shiny Pokemon becomes easier.
  • Encounter wild Pokemon and knock them out in the raid. Eliminating the same wild Pokemon multiple times is another trick to get a shiny Pokemon.
  • The Masuda Method is one of the best options for shiny hunting methods in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Trainers have to get a Foreign or Ditto Pokemon from their friends. The Masuda Method is all about breeding two Pokemon at the Day Care. You have to place one Pokemon from your Pokedex and the other one from another country with a different language. Once you complete the breeding, you can unlock the shiny unit through the Masuda Method
  • You can complete Max Raids against Den Pokemon to increase the chances of catching a shiny one. In Galar, you can find more than 99 dens and many of these are available with the Max Raids.
  • The Chaining Method is another way where you have to defeat Pokemon of the same species. You have to keep catching Pokémon of same type without breaking the chain to unlock the shiny form of the same Pokemon 
  • You can hatch eggs and breed them at the Pokemon Nursery to unlock a shiny form. Riding on a Rotom bike and using flame body skill makes the hatching process easier
  • Participate in all special raids and events of Pokemon Sword and Shield. During battle days, you can take part in raids as the increased spawning rate helps you catch more shiny Pokemon to your party

These are the top 10 ways to get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield through the shiny hunting methods.


Is the KO Method Effective in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Yes, the KO or knock out is the most effective method to catch Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How to Chain Pokemon for Shines in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

The chaining method to hunt shiny Pokemon works well in Pokemon Sword and Shield. You have to catch the same Pokemon and add them to your Pokedex. After many attempts, the next wild encounter will become a shiny form.

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