Check out our Mythic Heroes beginner’s guide if you’re just getting started with the game. It will surely help you to advance in the game. 

IGG.COM, the company behind some of the most popular mobile games on the platform, including Lords Mobile, has developed a brand new idle RPG called Mythic Heroes. The team, it seems, took a break from creativity and instead took inspiration from another game already available on the market. Mythic Heroes is almost an exact copy of AFK Arena, except for its visuals.

However, this does not mean Mythic Heroes is a bad game, quite the opposite! You might enjoy Mythic Heroes if you’re a fan of AFK Arena’s mythos-based approach. Particularly since there are so many characters you can unlock, including Zeus, Eos, Dracula, Dionysus, Susano-o and so many others. The game is also mostly an idle RPG, so you don’t have to grind for hours on end to unlock new characters or upgrade your squad. This makes it ideal for idle gamers.

It is important to understand that Mythic Heroes are not without their challenges. Especially since you will need to be proactive and smart if you wish to progress as quickly as possible, which is what most gamers desire. So, here are some Mythic Heroes Beginner’s Guide, tips, and tricks that might be helpful if you’re just getting started with Mythic Heroes.

Here is Mythic Heroes Beginner’s Guide

Complete the daily and weekly tasks

As a player, you’ll need to purchase upgrades and farm for gear in order to keep your team strong. While this is an idle RPG where most of your farming is automatic while you’re offline, you can complete a few specific tasks to earn even more rewards so that you can upgrade even more of your character.

You can find daily and weekly quests in your journal by clicking the button on the lower right of the screen. You will find a few lists in this menu with simple tasks you can complete in a few minutes, and which will reward you for doing so. Dailies are always important, even if it’s all you do in the game that day.

While the daily quests are shorter than the weekly quests, and with correspondingly better rewards, the weekly quests refresh every Sunday. There are not too many challenges here, and you’ll be able to complete most of them simply by playing regularly every day. 

It is important to understand your formation

Mythic Heroes Beginner's Guide
Mythic Heroes

You need to take into account a few things before going into battle. As a result, while your characters are doing most of the fighting automatically, their success is ultimately dependent on how well they prepare, and this is where you come into play.

It’s critical to keep your characters upgraded, equipped, and assign them to the slots they are best suited for. This is quite straightforward sometimes. Since there are certain units whose skills work best when assigned to specific slots. Changing your strategy might help you to win tougher battles where your opponent can quickly defeat your tanks and fighters.

Different formations can be triggered depending on the way your characters line up. There are two types of defense and attack. The defensive with three fighters at the front and two at the back, the offensive with the reverse. In certain stages, using the right formation will help your characters deal damage faster. For the offensive variant, or for the defensive variant, to survive for a longer period of time.

Match the Elementals

When you build your teams, you should also consider the elemental matchups and bonuses, just like you would with the formation.

Mythic Heroes Guide
Mythic Heroes

You will receive bonuses depending on how many characters of that faction are in your squad if you have multiple characters of that faction. Known as “Factional Auras,” they range from an extra 4% to attack and defense for two characters belonging to the same faction to a whopping 16% boost for five characters belonging to the same faction. 

By having more than one character of two different factions on your team, you can activate two bonuses. When three Luminarch characters and two Shadowarch characters are present in the same team, the former will benefit from a 3x majority power, while the latter will benefit from a 2x minority power.

You should also pay attention to another aspect of your formation, as it may provide you with an advantage while trying the more difficult levels: tactical advantages. Character factions in Mythic Heroes are comparable to those in other similar RPGs in that one is powerful versus the other while the other is weak. In this game, tactical advantages function as follows:

The less damage a unit delivers to another unit, the less damage it takes. Even though they aren’t your primary line of attack or defense, these tactical advantages can make a difference if you’re having problems at a specific level. It’s worth noting that some characters can have two factions, allowing them to deliver more damage to two other factions while also taking more damage from two others.

Spin the Astrolabe

Mythic Heroes Beginner's Guide
Mythic Heroes

While you aren’t playing Mythic Heroes, you can still gain resources and power. The difference between Mythic Heroes and other games is that instead of earning resources by having your team grind while you’re offline, you earn them by generating Gears of Time at a rate of one every 15 minutes. 

The Astrolabe feature allows you to spin the wheel within these Gears of Time to earn unique rewards such as resources, materials, and even hero shards. Even though this roulette gives you tons of resources automatically, you have to set it up once you have saved up several Gears of Time. It will automatically spin for as long as you set how many times you want it to spin by clicking on the spin button. Afterward, click on the Astrolabe under the pile to pick up your rewards. Make sure to use your 100 free spins every day in the Astrolabe!

Try rerolling early to get the best heroes

Getting a good head start on the main story missions is imperative for players in gacha games who want to avoid wasting time. As players progress through the main campaign in games like Mythic Heroes, the difficulty often ramps up quickly. Based on who you recruited from your first summoning, you may be stuck in one level for days on end, or you may have no difficulty completing the missions.

But it is hard to recruit good characters, especially because there is little chance of receiving units of high rarity. It is 0.30% and 4.70% likely to roll a UR and SSR character in Mythic Heroes, respectively. In other words, only four out of 100 pulls will be SSR, and not even one should be UR, the highest rarity. As already mentioned, 100 pulls will cost you 27,000 Diamonds, which is approximately $500 if you use real-world money to purchase them.

By rolling again, the player is attempting to get at least one or two ideal characters, usually of the highest rarity, as many times as necessary. There are some players who are fortunate and get great characters on their first few attempts, while others might be rerolling for days without any results.

Complete the main campaign quickly

Mythic Heroes
Mythic Heroes

All of these games are to help players form powerful teams that will aid them in finishing the main narrative. This is not because being the first to finish the campaign earns you a slew of medals and plaudits, but also because completing the campaign is the only way to unlock all of Mythic Heroes’ features. 

If you’re lost for ideas, we recommend reviewing the Rookie Handbook, which will give you an idea of the challenges you may complete to earn unique prizes. When everything else fails, the campaign will always be your greatest option, as long as you can complete its levels quickly.

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