Blue Archive Banner Guide will help you to grow in the game and know the current banner characters and much more.

Japan was the first country to release Blue Archive to the rest of the world in 2021, with great success. Players all across the world are now putting themselves in the shoes of the sensei, directing teams of attractive but dangerous schoolgirls through the difficulties of contemporary life and warfare. Of course, the more, the merrier, but if you want to get your hands on your favorite pupils, you’ll need to learn how to use Blue Archive banners.

Blue Archive, like other gacha games, has many banners that can provide increased rates for obtaining a specific, high-tier student or even the chance to recruit exceptional, limited characters. Our Blue Archive banner guide will provide you with details about the current and upcoming banners, draw rates, and what to do if you obtain duplicates.

Blue Archive Banner Guide

Using your pyroxenes, you can purchase new students to add to your party through a gacha system called ‘pick-up recruitment’ in Blue Archive. 120 pyroxenes can be used for a single pull, while 1,200 pyroxenes can be used for 10 pulls.

You will get at least one two-star student for every ten summons. Quality ranges from one-star (lowest) to three-star (highest). You’ll also earn recruit points for each student you pull using the Blue Archive banner pity system. On each banner you purchase with 24,000 pyroxenes (200 pulls), you will receive a three-star student. If there are any points left over at the conclusion of the banner, they will be converted into craft materials. The points earned in one banner do not roll over to the next.

List of Current Blue Archive Banners

At this time, two Blue Archive banners are running concurrently.

One allows you to choose between Izuna (three stars) and Shizuko (two stars) (two-star). Izuna is a frontline striker with magical damage and light armor who specializes in frontline attacks. Shizuka is a backline supporter who employs unique armor and deals magical damage. Haruna is featured on the opposite banner (three-star). She’s a heavy-armored backline attacker who does magical damage.

From November 29 to December 14, you may apply to be a part of these banners.

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Banner Rates in Blue Archive

Blue Archive Banner Guide
Blue Archive Characters

Regular recruitment, which includes all infinite students, and pick-up recruitment, which is the Blue Archive counterpart of a banner, are the two forms of gacha in Blue Archive. The following are the typical recruiting gacha rates for certain student rarities:

  • One-star students have a 79 percent probability of passing.
  • Students with two stars have an 18.5 percent probability of passing.
  • 2.5 percent possibility for a three-star student.

The rates are different when fetching from Blue Archive banners. For particular student pulls, some banners provide a rate-up. We’re not sure about the banner rates in the worldwide release yet, as they look to differ from the Japanese rates, but we’ll be sure to update this guide as soon as we learn more.

You’ll get heavenly fragments and student pieces if you pull duplicate students. You may utilize divine fragments to buy growth resources or additional student pieces at the shop. Student pieces allow you to raise a student’s rarity to the next degree.

The Blue Archive Recruitment Points System

Blue Archive, like many other gacha games, provides you with a sad resource that you may use to summon or even obtain a guaranteed 3-star character, such as the Recruitment Ticket banner. Recruitment Points are a resource that costs 120 Pyroxene for every summon, and you gain one for every summon you produce. You may acquire a Recruitment Ticket with 10 summons. You can claim one of the highlighted banner characters if you earn 200 Recruitment Points.

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Types of Blue Archive Banners

In Blue Archive, there are two sorts of event banners. Banners show a restricted number of pupils or an infinite number of students.

Blue Archive Banner Guide
Blue Archive Gameplay

After the event, students who are featured in unlimited banners will be accessible in the normal gacha recruiting pool. The goal of these banners is to raise the drop rate for the targeted student, giving you a better chance of catching them for a brief period.

Limited banners include students that are only accessible for the duration of the event and will not be added to the regular recruiting pool once the banner is over. The banners may appear again in the future, but there is no guarantee.

If two limited banners run concurrently, they will share certain benefits. Unless specified:

  • Both flags have the same number of recruit points.
  • On the standard recruitment banner, students from both banners are momentarily accessible.
  • You can get both limited students by using each other’s banners (without paying them for each).

Banner Schedule

At this time, we don’t have a precise timeline for the Blue Archive banners in the worldwide version. Nexon has indicated that it wants the global version to catch up to the Japanese version, therefore they appear to be going through the history of Japanese banners, running some of them at the same time. So far, the global version’s banners haven’t quite synced with the Japanese version’s, but they’re near, so we’re guessing you’ll be seeing Izuna, Shizuko, and Haruna soon.

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