The Royal Match Guide will help you solve all the problems you are facing and with its tips and tricks, you will win more easily.

Among the most promising developers in the country is Dream Games, which just released its first mobile game, Royal Match. Both Android and iOS versions of the new app are available worldwide. In summer 2020, Zynga acquired Peak Games, which developed Toon Blast. Several common elements are evident in both releases, most notably in the menus.

Dream Games’ Royal Match is a one-of-a-kind game featuring a variety of challenges and tasks to accomplish. To effectively receive bigger prizes, you must finish the riddles. To advance in the problem, you must match similar colored objects. As you play the game, there are various things to discover and understand, and the greatest part is that it is packed with inventive tasks and puzzles.

During each level, your main goal is to make matches of three or more tiles of the same color. All Royal Match levels have a certain amount of moves, and players must complete the issue before they run out. There are items to collect along with the remaining movements on the right side of the screen.

Each level, by the way, has a specific goal in mind. At the start, all you want to do is gather a set amount of tiles of a given color (red, blue, green). As you advance through the levels, however, the board takes on more special features. Because these are so diverse, you’ll need to use a variety of techniques to remove them off the board as rapidly as possible.

As you master problem-solving, you’ll be able to uncover additional locations throughout the castle and give them a royal makeover faster. The game of Royal Match may appear simple at first, but it requires a great deal of skill and focus to succeed.

Don’t worry if you’re new to the game and have already run into difficulties on a level; we’re here to help with Royal Match Beginner’s Guide. We’ve put up a guide for Royal Match with many tips, techniques, and methods to help you become a genuine master of the game. Using the following steps, you should be able to serve your king effectively.

Here is the Royal Match Guide

Before you act, consider your options

Royal Match Guide
Royal Match

Despite its casual nature, Royal Match demands a high level of concentration. In a match 3 game like this, matching solely for the sake of matching won’t go you very far. As a result, making random pairings on the board is never a smart idea.

Instead, think about your next move carefully every time, and make sure you’re matching with the idea of progressing toward the level’s goal. Pay close attention to what’s going on on the board to avoid wasting valuable moves.

Examine the level’s goal and familiarize yourself with your target. For example, if you’re entrusted with gathering numerous pieces of a specific sort, make it a priority to get to them right away. Some may appear to be obstructed by other pieces, so make every effort to remove any barriers as quickly as possible.

You can’t seem to find any matches? Fortunately, you only have to wait a few seconds for the game to recommend a match for you. It’s important to note that you’re not obligated to follow their suggestions. You have the option to dismiss the match if you think it does not meet your needs and discover a better one on your own.

When you’re looking for greater matches on the board, suggestions like these might be really useful. The game will frequently show you where the 3+ tile combinations are, which is quite useful. We’ll go about boosters in greater detail in a later section, but for now, remember that while playing a game like Royal Match, continually looking for larger matches is always the best approach. Sure, 3-tile matches are still OK, but if you stick to them, you’ll wind up utilizing a lot more moves.

Don’t press the ‘Play On’ button by accident

Royal Match Guide
Royal Match

So the worst thing you could do is spend money incorrectly. When you fail a level, a window will appear asking if you want to keep playing in exchange for 900 coins. Be very cautious and avoid tapping the green button in your hurry to solve the puzzle again. Instead, take a deep breath and quit the window by using the “x” button to restart the level.

It is recommended to employ in-level boosts in combination

Boosters are available in every match 3 games, including Royal Match. By discovering more matches, you will most likely be able to make the most common on the board. In this game, you need to keep four things in mind:

  • Rocket: Make a rocket by arranging four comparable objects in a row. A rocket can clear a whole row or column of tiles when it is ignited.
  • TNT: Make an explosive barrel with a T- or L-shaped match. TNT will demolish any tiles within a 33-degree radius.
  • Propeller: combine four pieces in a square arrangement to make one. When triggered, the Propeller destroys items along its path in a “+” pattern before taking off. It then falls in a different area of the board and inflicts one more act of harm by blowing up a tile that can be used to complete the level objective.
  • Light Ball: connect 5 objects in a row to form one. The Light Ball strikes all the tiles of a certain color on the board. When engaged, the power-up annihilates them all.

These boosters are each highly powerful on their own but combined, they have a significantly greater impact. For example, combining two TNT barrels will result in a massive explosion that will wipe away a large area of the board.

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Activate All Pre-Level Boosters for Extremely Difficult Levels

Royal Match Guide
Royal Match

Sometimes normal boosters just aren’t enough. So, if things become tough, you might want to call in some reinforcements. If this reflects your present circumstance, you should probably think about using this method. Enter the game with all pre-level Boosters activated, the next time you enter what you know is an irritating level. These are different sorts of power-ups that must be activated before a level begins. This allows you to begin a level with a few Boosters already waiting for you on the board.

Pre-level boosters include Rocket, TNT, and Light Ball, which are comparable to their in-level equivalents. They vary from in-level boosters in that they are created before the start of the game. Creating greater matches does not need an active search for them. The boosters, in reality, are just waiting for you on the board. But, before you do so, be sure you’ve tried all other options for addressing the problem.

You might be asking how you can receive free pre-level boosters at this stage. You may win booster bundles by furnishing and decorating a room in the castle. Furthermore, you will not have access to a steady supply of free in-level Boosters because this might take a long time to finish. To prevent squandering gold, utilize these Boosters only on rare occasions. Use them sparingly and not regularly.

Replay Levels Frequently

Refrain from giving up if you want to succeed. Persistently solve puzzles. If you cannot complete a task on the first try, don’t be discouraged. Try different techniques as much as possible. For example, you might want to match on the opposite side of the board this time, or you might want to prioritize a different special ingredient. Use multiple types of game plans instead of just one.

Fortunately, match 3 games have been designed in such a way that you can do this. When you replay a level, the initial tile loadout will be different, but whether it is accommodating to your goals depends on luck. Unless you’re willing to lose a life, you won’t be able to quit the Royal Match after viewing the opening board. Every time you start a new level, you should give it your all. If you fail, maybe the next time will be better. Taking a break from the game is also a good method to put things in a different light.

Keep these things in mind

Royal Match Guide
Royal Match

As a player, remember that you only have a limited number of movements at your disposal, so keep your eyes on the action in front of you. In addition, make sure you are well-versed in your power-ups and special items since if you don’t know how they work, you could use the wrong one. It is possible to join teams that are currently online to earn more team prizes.

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So this was the Royal Match Guide that you will need for a better gaming experience. Follow it thoroughly to win more frequently.

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