Blue Archive Active codes – Free summons and pyroxenes May 2022

Blue Archive Active codes provide you with the latest codes to help you win the battle.

Blue Archive is a role-playing game developed by NAT Games and distributed in Japan by Yostar Inc and in the EN/Global market by Nexon KR. The game is set in a futuristic civilization called “Kivotos” (or Ark in English), in which several high schools and academies are established. Guns, oddly enough, are commonplace in such a world. They may be found in the lab, on the streets, inside convenience stores, and even vending machines and students are free to keep them.

In order to try your luck with the summons and get off the ground, you will likely need some currency in this game, just as in all gacha games. We’ve got Blue Archive codes that can help you snag all the latest in-game freebies and become the top-notch sensei you’ve always wanted.

Nexon’s Blue Archive is a mobile gacha RPG for Android and Apple smartphones. It is your responsibility as Schale’s adviser to handle the events that arise in Kivotos. Assemble a group of pals and go through the tale. These Blue Archive codes can help you get a head start if you want to maximize your gaming and take advantage of in-game bonuses.

Blue Archive Codes

  • WELCOMETOKIVOTOS2021 — 120 pyroxenes
  • ILUVU2021SENSEI — 120 pyroxenes
  • 2021ARONACHAN — 120 pyroxenes

What exactly are Blue Archive Active Codes?

Blue Archive vouchers are freebies given out by the designers of Nexon Company to assist you to move through the game. We don’t know when the codes will be available, but they’re frequently made to celebrate events or in-game achievements in other titles.

How to redeem the codes?

Blue Archive Active codes - Free summons and pyroxenes November 2021
Blue Archive Active codes – Free summons and pyroxenes November 2021

It is simple to redeem your Blue Archive vouchers. Simply take these few instructions.

  • Blue Archive will be launched.
  • Tap the Menu tab in the top-right area of the screen from the lobby.
  • Click the ‘account’ button.
  • Click the ‘coupon’ button.
  • Enter your code here.
  • Take pleasure in your prizes!

Blue Archive makes it simple to redeem coupons. However, it differs depending on your operating system. Apple users must utilize the website, whilst Android users may use the in-game menu to redeem them. Make sure the codes are free of faults to avoid them being reported as invalid. To avoid mistakes, copy & paste them straight from our list. Please keep in mind that the coupon redemption site may be offline for maintenance at any moment, so if it isn’t available when you check, please bear with us.

Keep up to date with the latest Blue Archive news and updates by following the official social channels.

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