We have brought you the Daemon X Machina Beginner’s Guide with some of the best tips and tricks that will improve your gameplay.

Marvelous developed and released Daemon X Machina, a Mecha third-person shooter action game. The player takes control of a bespoke player character that pilots an Arsenal mech and fights other mech adversaries throughout the game. In the Hangar, the game’s primary center, the player avatar’s powers and look may be changed. 

It’s also where gamers may browse through various quests. When an opponent’s mech takes enough damage, it is brought down, and players can scavenge its body parts or weapon to use against the downed adversary. The game also has a four-player cooperative multiplayer mode. To help you have a better gaming experience, we have a Daemon X Machina Beginner’s Guide below.

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Daemon X Machina Beginner’s Guide: Free missions

It is often the case that different enemies appear in Free Missions based on how you perform in them. These, in turn, provide new and different parts. In addition to the Free Missions, there are additional side requirements that unlock other unlockables as well. In addition, you can add a lot of money to your account pretty quickly.

Daemon X Machina Beginner’s Guide: Loot

When you shoot down an enemy’s Arsenal, you should always check it, as you might find a valuable weapon or armor piece. An exclamation point appears on your map when an enemy Arsenal is downed. The primary method for acquiring new weapons and expanding your arsenal is this.

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Daemon X Machina Beginner’s Guide: Eat Ice Cream

Daemon X Machina Beginner's Guide
Daemon X Machina (Image credit: Marvelous Inc.)

The game’s Ice Cream Parlor can help you gain tiny stat increases, which will certainly mount up with time. In the Ice Cream Parlor, you’ll also find the Secret Factory, which is linked to the game’s more powerful and colorful weapon development. To acquire certain of these pieces, you must battle Colossal Immortals, but the catch is that these specific Colossal Immortals are only available in Multiplayer mode.

After each task, you will see a percent completion after fighting a Colossal Immortal. To get 100 percent, you’ll have to face the Colossal Immortal several times. This is worthwhile since you will receive a variety of intriguing pieces, ranging from guns to other Arsenal components.

Daemon X Machina Beginner’s Guide: Develop Weapons

At the console, you may create more powerful weapons and armor. The Factory is where you’ll manufacture higher-level weapons and armor while searching for foes is where you’ll receive the basic gear you’ll need. You’ll need a certain weapon or piece of armor to serve as a basis, as well as money, to build something.

Daemon X Machina Beginner’s Guide: Combat

Daemon X Machina Beginner's Guide
Daemon X Machina (Image credit: Marvelous Inc.)

Before you begin each mission, you must first select a loadout, which consists of a range of weaponry that may be mounted to each of your Mech’s arms. As a result, you should always travel to the hangar and change your armaments, and you should always select weapons that are appropriate for your play style. Make sure you have some pylons on hand since they will help you change equipment if you run out of ammo.

Normally, the Mech will automatically reload your weapon when you run out of ammunition in a clip. You should, however, make it a practice to manually reload before entering every new region. You should ideally hide behind a cover while your Mech reloads your guns, as you will be exposed during this time.

Because your distance to a target is displayed beneath its name when you target it in combat, hitting from the appropriate range should result in an obvious and dramatic change in battle damage. The optimum range is the distance you should be from your target for maximum damage.

Femto Abilities

Daemon X Machina Beginner's Guide
Daemon X Machina (Image credit: Marvelous Inc.)

In Daemon X Machina, you have a wide range of weaponry at your disposal, but that’s not all. A strong particle known as Femto grants your Arsenal extraordinary abilities in the universe of Daemon X Machina. Femto Armaments is the first of them, and it allows you to boost various Arsenal aspects. Each one drains a little amount of your Femto gauge and has a cooldown, which you can cycle between by pushing up and down on the d-pad. 

Assault wraps the Femto around your arms and enhances weapon damage, Wing generates Femto wings and improves mobility and speed, and Shield makes a Femto shield that protects you from damage. These, together with the fourth ability, Mirage, may be used to adapt to the circumstance as needed. You may summon a duplicate of your Arsenal by pressing down on the right stick, which will attack foes on its own while emptying your Femto gauge.

This is handy when you’re outnumbered and require a helping hand, but you’ll truly succeed in the fight if you combine all four of these talents. Don’t only concentrate on your weapons and ignore Femto, and don’t forget that you have a lot of alternatives.

Attack when the enemy runs out of stamina

Attack when the enemy runs out of stamina
Daemon X Machina (Image credit: Marvelous Inc.)

In Daemon X Machina, fighting enemy grunts isn’t much of a problem, but facing enemy Arsenals is another matter. It can be challenging to catch them because of their mobility and speed, but there’s a trick to it. After boosting around just like you, your enemies will run out of stamina, limiting their movement capabilities.

You will see an “STM Empty” warning when an enemy runs out of stamina. You must charge right in as soon as you spot it and do as much damage as possible. During this time, it’s much easier to damage opponents, so don’t overlook it and take advantage of it, especially in some tougher battles.

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