Are you looking for the best WoW Dragonflight Hunter pets? This guide has a list of the best ones that you should tame.

In the world of WoW Dragonflight, having a trusty companion by your side is crucial for any Hunter looking to dominate in PVP, Raids, and Dungeons. But, as any experienced Hunter knows, the decision on which pet to choose is not just based on raw damage output. Rather, it’s a delicate balance between aesthetics and familial abilities that make a particular pet the “best” choice for a Hunter.

If you’re looking to find the perfect pet to accompany you on your adventures, look no further! In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best WoW Dragonflight Hunter pets and guide you on how to obtain them. So, read on to discover your next loyal companion.

There are lots of pets
There are lots of pets


World of Warcraft has recently introduced a new addition to its Lesser Dragonkin family, the Veilwings. These unique creatures can only be tamed by Hunters who have reached Renown level 23 with the Valdrakken Accord. Currently, there are four distinct color variations of the Veilwings, which include blue and green, orange, red, and violet.

For those who thought they had seen everything that Shadowlands had to offer, think again! Veilwings are exclusively found in the Mistveil Tangle located in the mystical realm of Ardenweald. With their Ferocity family specialization, these Dragonkin make excellent companions for DPS and solo content. So, Hunters, prepare to embark on a new adventure and add a Veilwing to your collection!

Ice Bear

Players can now encounter a variety of Ice Bears in different colors, including blue, dark, green, gray, light, and purple. While most of these variations can be found throughout the game in the Azure Span, Frostjaw, the blue variation, can only be spawned during a quest at Winterpelt Hollow.

However, catching the other color variations can be quite challenging. First and foremost, Hunters must have a Skinning profession and specialize in Bait Crafting. They then need to invest 10 points in Bait Knowledge and another 20 points in the Mastery subspecialization to create the specific bait required to catch an Elite NPC. Hunting down the elusive Rimeclaw Bear may take some time, especially if players are after a particular color, as the bait can attract various types of NPCs. 


In the world of gaming, Slyverns are a clever blend of “sly” (as in a fox) and “wyvern,” as their name suggests. Interestingly, these creatures belong to the Feathermane family, even though they do not possess any feathers, which is a defining feature of the family. Slyverns can be found in abundance on the Dragon Isles and also inhabit the Forbidden Reach.

If you’re looking to add a Slyvern to your collection, make sure to obtain the “Tome of the Hybrid Beast” from the Legion expansion, as it is required for taming. Once you have it, you’re ready to go! These unique creatures offer several advantages to their Hunters, such as the ability to negate fall damage, which can prove useful in certain situations. Slyverns are considered as one of the best WoW Dragonflight Hunter pets.


Fey Darters

The Fey Darters are a fascinating addition to the new species of Lesser Dragonkin. To tame these creatures, players will need to acquire the “How to Train a Dragonkin” tome, similar to the requirements for the Veilwings. However, in terms of abilities, Fey Darters are quite similar to other Lesser Dragonkin, so there isn’t much to distinguish them in that regard.

Where Fey Darters truly shine is in their stunning and vibrant color patterns. These winged creatures resemble chameleons and come in three different forms. The Spectral Variant can be found near Sri-La Village in the Jade Forest, while the orange and blue variations are located inside a cave at coordinates 33.8, 75.6 in Valdrakken. So, prepare to embark on an exciting adventure to tame these magnificent beasts and witness their dazzling beauty firsthand.


The Ohunas are a popular creature among players, with various color variations and minor differences in their horns. However, the Horned Black and White Ohuna is the one that truly stands out. This Bird of Prey can be found as Vaniik The Stormtouched in the Ohn’ahran Plains around the Sagecrest Pines.

What makes Vaniik so special is the mesmerizing trail effect that emanates from its tail, which is absent in other Ohunas. In addition, if players delve into the lore of the Ohn’ahran Plains, they will discover that Vaniik is actually the Corrupted Child of Ohn’ahra, the Wind Deity. This fascinating backstory makes Vaniik a rare spawn that every Hunter eagerly awaits. It leads to fierce competition among players for the opportunity to tame this elusive creature. There is no doubt that Ohunas is one of the best WoW Dragonflight Hunter pets.

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