You might have heard about the Tower of Fantasy AFK Farming. Want to know what it is? This guide will give you all the details.

Tower of Fantasy players may wish to focus on the repetitive and tedious aspects of character development or resource acquisition. To cater to this need, the game incorporates an Auto-Battle system, enabling players to let their in-game character battle with enemy mobs. They gain experience and collect items while they take a break. 

However, it is noteworthy that if players mention “AFK farming” within the Tower of Fantasy community, they are generally referring to a different activity than the Auto-Battle feature. So let’s take a look at what Tower of Fantasy AFK farming is.


Tower of Fantasy AFK Farming Guide

The Tower of Fantasy AFK Farming term in the community specifically pertains to a specific tactic. This involves leveraging the unique passive ability of an SSR character named Zero. Zero is a Support character equipped with the Negating Cube, a Fire-type weapon that spawns fiery cubes capable of dealing damage to enemies. 

These cubes materialize when a Wanderer lands six Normal Attacks on an enemy, and this passive can be activated up to five times. As a result, Zero users can generate up to five sources of passive DPS, with each cube persisting until the player switches weapons. Essentially, players who possess Zero have the potential to unleash infinite damage by producing all five cubes and standing close to their enemies.

Undoubtedly, the passive ability of Zero’s Normal Attacks in Tower of Fantasy falls short. This is in terms of the damage per second (DPS) output when compared to the top-tier units that actively engage in battles. 

However, players can still take advantage of Zero’s Negating Cube by congregating in significant numbers near a particular spawn point of an enemy. Although this Tower of Fantasy AFK Farming technique is effective in acquiring Honey or Maintenance components, the majority of players use this method to obtain the highly coveted ultra-rare Vehicle parts.

Obtaining vehicles

Vehicles are the popular mounts that many players aspire to own, apart from the standard Falcon and 2613 Cube. To obtain exclusive mounts like Voyager or Monocross, players must engage in farming rare enemy spawns for specific Vehicle parts. 


The challenge lies in the remarkably low drop rates of these components, which could entail grinding for weeks or even months. Fortunately, the Tower of Fantasy AFK Farming method offers a solution. By assembling into teams and positioning themselves at fixed spawn points of these mobs, players can take advantage of Zero’s passive ability to bring down the enemies within seconds and repeat the process infinitely.

To achieve optimal results, players should join a Discord server or online co-op group that focuses on Tower of Fantasy AFK Farming. While it is possible to AFK farm solo, joining a team is considerably more efficient. Additionally, team members who do not possess the Negating Cube can still benefit from the farming activity as long as they remain in close proximity.

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