Excited to play Soulframe MMO? Here are all the details about the game that you are looking for. Read till the end to know if it is connected to Warframe.

Makers of the hugely popular action RPG MMO, Warframe, are in the process of developing another game called Soulframe. Despite not being a sequel, this new game is eagerly anticipated by fans of the studio. With details still emerging, many are asking Soulframe MMO Release Date. If you’re curious about Soulframe MMO and want to know everything that’s been revealed so far, including the speculated release date, read on.

Soulframe MMO Release Date

Soulframe, an upcoming game, was announced in July 2022. Since it’s still in the early stages of development, there is no fixed release date for it. The first trailer for the game doesn’t provide any indication of its launch window. This makes it even more challenging to speculate when it might hit the market. In a message addressed to the gaming community in July 2022, Steve Sinclair, the project’s lead, announced that the development of Soulframe had just begun. This statement suggests that the game’s final release is still far away. It’s unlikely to launch in 2023 or 2024. However, the developers have promised to keep the players excited by conducting regular development streams. This was confirmed in an interview.

Soulframe MMO story

Digital Extremes, the developer of Soulframe, has described the game as having a strong emphasis on nature, restoration, and exploration. Unlike its previous hit, Warframe, which features a futuristic setting, Soulframe seems to be more inclined toward the realm of fantasy and magic. However, there are still elements of sci-fi incorporated into the character designs, such as the player’s bionic arm.

The trailer for Soulframe showcases the game’s focus on nature, with players assisting and fighting alongside animals. The development team mentioned Princess Mononoke and The NeverEnding Story as sources of inspiration for the game. As Princess Mononoke explores themes of environmentalism, it’s possible that Soulframe might also touch on the topic of environmental destruction.

Soulframe Gameplay

No direct gameplay footage of Soulframe has been released yet. The development team has shared some basic details about the game since its announcement. Unlike Warframe, which features smaller missions, Soulframe will be an open world game. According to project lead Steve Sinclair, the team is aiming for a “short session but high immersion” experience. There, players can sign in and seamlessly pick up where they left off in the game world without being taken back to a spacecraft.

In an interview with the Washington Post, creative director Geoff Crookes shed some light on the world of Soulframe. He revealed that the world is “a little angry” about what’s been done to it. The ground underneath it shifts throughout the day. This could potentially mean that the cave networks below the world are procedurally generated. It will allow players to explore random areas for rewards. This might feel familiar to Warframe players who enjoy exploring smaller, randomized areas for loot.

Soulframe is expected to be slower paced than Warframe, with a greater emphasis on melee weapons and close-range magic. Crookes confirmed this, saying, “Warframe is a very fast-paced, frenetic game, so we have to keep reminding ourselves to rein it in.” The team has taken inspiration from Elden Ring’s combat pacing, which suggests that players can expect a more deliberate, methodical combat system in Soulframe.

Soulframe MMO Platforms 

The development team has not yet announced the release platforms for Soulframe. However, based on Warframe’s release history, a PC version is highly likely. The availability of console versions is less certain, but it’s safe to assume that the game will be released on current-gen consoles, such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

As for crossplay, it remains unclear whether Soulframe will support this feature. Warframe initially did not have crossplay, but it was later implemented for cross-gen play between current and last-gen PlayStation consoles upon the game’s release on PS5. The team announced during TennoCon 2022 that full crossplay between all systems is in the works, but no official release date has been provided yet.


Is it connected to Warframe?

During a “Warframe / Soulframe Transition Stream,” the development team addressed the relationship between the two games. While Soulframe and Warframe do not share the same universe, the team revealed that they are planning to include easter eggs and other connections to link the two titles together. Soulframe is not a prequel or sequel to Warframe, but the developers hope that these connections will still be exciting for fans of the free PC game. As Adam Crookes, the producer of Soulframe, said, “Warframe players will notice some similarities to certain looks or choices.”

So, while Soulframe may not exist in the same universe as Warframe, the game will still have some connections that will appeal to its dedicated fanbase. It will be interesting to see how the developers incorporate these easter eggs and connections into the gameplay, and whether it will have any impact on the overall narrative of Soulframe.

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