If you are a player who really depends on killstreaks then this list of COD Warzone Mobile Killstreaks will help you.

In the fast-paced world of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, mastering the use of killstreaks can be the key to victory. These powerful rewards can turn the tide of battle and provide a strategic advantage to those who wield them effectively. In this guide, we will go into all the available COD Warzone Mobile Killstreaks.

All COD Warzone Mobile Killstreaks 

UAV – Unleashing Tactical Superiority

The UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is a vital asset that grants you tactical superiority. By acquiring a 4-kill streak, you can activate this powerful recon ship that reveals enemy locations on the minimap. Keep a watchful eye on your adversaries and plan your moves accordingly.

Care Package – Aerial Support at Your Fingertips

Achieving a 5-kill streak allows you to call in a random killstreak care package to your precise location. This valuable resource grants you access to a variety of powerful tools and weaponry, providing a much-needed advantage in intense firefights.

Counter UAV – Disrupting Enemy Intelligence

With a 5-kill streak, you can deploy the Counter UAV to disrupt enemy minimaps with static interference. This powerful device can be shot down with a single rocket, leaving enemies disoriented and vulnerable.

Cluster Mine – Tactical Explosive Supremacy

Strategically positioning the Cluster Mine can wreak havoc on unsuspecting foes. Upon reaching a 5-kill streak, this lethal asset automatically detects enemy players within a short radius and deploys four mines, effectively neutralizing threats.

Cruise Missile – Unleashing Unprecedented Firepower

With a 6-kill streak, the Cruise Missile becomes available, offering a game-changing advantage. Take control of this mid-air deployed missile and gradually guide it towards the battlefield, obliterating foes in its path. Accelerate its arrival to catch enemies off guard.

Mortar Strike – Decimating Enemy Strongholds

Signal the devastation with the Mortar Strike killstreak. Achievable at 6 kills, this devastating ability calls forth several waves of mortars to relentlessly rain down upon a designated location. Watch as structures crumble and adversaries scatter in fear.

Sentry Gun – Automated Defense and Annihilation

A true force multiplier, the Sentry Gun becomes accessible at the 7-kill mark. This automated turret diligently scans for nearby enemies, unleashing incendiary-based rounds upon detection. Deploy this formidable guardian to secure your position and suppress enemy advances.

Overwatch Helo – Skyborne Surveillance and Elimination

Attain an 8-kill streak, and you can summon the Overwatch Helo to provide unparalleled surveillance and elimination capabilities. This escort helicopter patrols the skies, pinpointing nearby enemy locations and engaging them with lethal force, allowing you to strike with precision.

Wheelson-HS – Unleashing Mechanical Mayhem

Commandeer the Wheelson-HS with a 10-kill streak and dominate the battlefield with this remote-controlled UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle). Armed with a powerful airburst turret, the Wheelson-HS decimates adversaries, providing unrivaled firepower and tactical superiority.

Emergency Airdrop – A Bounty of Rewards

With a 10-kill streak, you can request an Emergency Airdrop, delivering three random killstreak care packages to your location. 

Advanced UAV – Direction

With a 12-kill streak, you can bring up an Orbital UAV that will reveal the location of the enemy’s direction. You can see it on your mini-map and take down enemies quickly.

Precision Strike – Devastating Airstrike Tactics

At the 6-kill mark, players can call in a Precision Strike, unleashing a devastating airstrike on a targeted area. By selecting a precise location, explosive payloads rain down from the skies, obliterating enemy positions and turning the tide of battle.

Airstrike killstreak
Airstrike killstreak

Coming Soon COD Warzone Mobile Killstreaks 

The developers have unveiled COD Warzone Mobile killstreaks that are set to make their appearance in the game in the near future. These highly anticipated additions are sure to bring a whole new level of intensity and strategic gameplay 

Bomb Drone – 4 kills

One of the first killstreaks on the list is the Bomb Drone. This remote-controlled drone is equipped with a powerful C4 charge, making it a formidable weapon in the hands of skilled players. With just four kills, you can unleash this drone upon your enemies, wreaking havoc and causing chaos from above. The ability to surprise opponents with a well-placed explosive adds a new dimension to tactical gameplay, providing opportunities for strategic plays and devastating results.

S.A.E. – 7 kills

The S.A.E. (Surveillance and Attack Equipment) killstreak offers a unique advantage to players. Upon activation, the player pulls out a Tablet to perform a flyby. This flyby drops explosives that can obliterate any enemy, killstreak, or equipment that is left vulnerable. By utilizing this killstreak effectively, you can gain invaluable intelligence about enemy positions and swiftly eliminate threats. The S.A.E. is poised to become an essential tool for those who crave the upper hand in the battlefield.

VTOL Jet – 8 kills

While details on the VTOL Jet killstreak remain scarce, the very mention of this powerful aerial vehicle is enough to pique the interest of avid Warzone Mobile players. With a requirement of eight kills, this killstreak promises an unparalleled level of dominance in the skies. Whether it rains down relentless gunfire or deploys devastating aerial strikes, the VTOL Jet is bound to leave a lasting impact on the battlefield, ensuring that your enemies are left in awe and at a disadvantage.

Stealth Bomber – 10 kills

As the killstreak requirement increases, so does the destructive potential. The Stealth Bomber, unlocked at 10 kills, brings forth a formidable force capable of turning the tide of any battle. With a single call, a bomber will soar across the map, releasing a torrent of explosives that decimate everything in its path. The Stealth Bomber allows for precise strikes on enemy positions or can be strategically used to disrupt chokepoints, forcing opponents to rethink their strategies.

Chopper Gunner – 10 kills

The Chopper Gunner killstreak grants players control over an assault chopper armed with a powerful turret and air-to-land missiles. With a swift activation at 10 kills, you can take to the skies, reigning down devastating firepower upon your foes. This killstreak provides unparalleled mobility and offensive capabilities, allowing you to swiftly eliminate threats and turn the tide of battle in your favor. The Chopper Gunner is a force to be reckoned with and guarantees an adrenaline-fueled experience like no other.

Gunship – 12 kills

Prepare for the ultimate display of power as you unlock the Gunship killstreak. Upon achieving 12 kills, you can call in a fearsome Mi-24 Hind gunship. Assuming full control of this beastly machine, you gain the ability to rain down death and destruction from above. With its powerful miniguns and devastating missiles, the Gunship is the epitome of firepower. It provides an unprecedented advantage, allowing you to clear enemy positions.

So these were all the COD Warzone Mobile Killstreaks that you should know. Use the COD Warzone Mobile Killstreaks properly and become the king.

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