Looking for Tower of Fantasy Thornfruit? This guide will help you to find it and make good recipes that will help you.

Tower of Fantasy is an immersive and thrilling game that offers players a vast and dynamic world to explore. Within this captivating realm, players can encounter a variety of valuable resources and items, one of which is the Tower of Fantasy Thornfruit. 

This exquisite berry fruit, reminiscent of raspberries, not only serves as a delectable food source but also holds significant importance as an ingredient in various recipes. In this guide, we will unveil the secret to locating Tower of Fantasy Thornfruit and delve into the multiple ways it can benefit you.


Tower of Fantasy Thornfruit Location

To embark on your quest for Thornfruit, you must venture into the depths of the Confounding Abyss, a network of intricate dungeons nestled beneath the floating city of Mirroria. Within the Confounding Abyss, you will encounter three sublevels that are key to your search:

  • City Gate: The first sublevel of the Confounding Abyss, serving as an entry point to the labyrinthine depths. While Thornfruit cannot be found here, it is a crucial waypoint on your journey.
  • Third City: Proceeding further into the Confounding Abyss, you will reach the Third City. It is within this sprawling area that the coveted Thornfruit can be discovered. Be prepared to navigate the labyrinthine corridors and explore the hidden nooks and crannies of this intriguing cityscape.
  • Third City Ruins: As you delve even deeper into the Confounding Abyss, you will stumble upon the ruins of the Third City. While the ruins hold their own mysteries and treasures, Thornfruit is not among them. Focus your search within the Third City itself to maximize your chances of locating this prized fruit.

Spotting Thornfruit: A Rarity Amidst the Wilderness

Once you find yourself amidst the Third City’s vibrant surroundings, keep a keen eye out for the Tower of Fantasy Thornfruit. The berries exhibit a striking red hue that sets them apart from their surroundings, making them relatively easy to spot. Look for clusters of Thornfruit, as they tend to grow in groups rather than as solitary specimens. This means that with each discovery, you are likely to harvest multiple Thornfruit, enhancing the value of your find.

Tower of Fantasy Thornfruit: Food and Recipe Potential

Thornfruit in Tower of Fantasy serves a dual purpose, as it can be consumed as a standalone food item or used as a key ingredient in various recipes. Let’s explore both options:


Consumption Benefits: If you opt to consume Thornfruit directly, you will reap valuable buffs that can enhance your gameplay experience. Eating Thornfruit grants the following benefits:

  • Regenerate 2 satiety: Satisfy your character’s hunger and sustain their energy levels.
  • Restore 5% + 4,000 HP: Replenish your character’s health points, bolstering their vitality and resilience.
  • Culinary Creations: Alternatively, you can utilize Thornfruit as a crucial ingredient in several delectable recipes available within Tower of Fantasy. These recipes not only offer nourishment but also provide unique bonuses to your character’s attributes. Let’s take a closer look at two notable recipes:

Thornfruit Soda

Craft this refreshing beverage by combining 2 Thornfruit, 1 Honey, and 1 Carbonated Water. Sipping on Thornfruit Soda will restore 500 endurance and revitalize your character by restoring 15% + 20,000 HP.

Desert Salad

Combine 2 Thornfruit, 1 Ball Cactus, and 1 Salad Dressing to create a succulent Desert Salad. This exquisite dish regenerates 10 satiety and restores 15% + 20,000 HP, making it a wholesome choice for adventurers.

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