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Lost Ark is a popular MMORPG game with a vast world full of surprises, secrets, and collectibles. One of the most popular items in the game is the sheet music. It allows players to play beautiful melodies in-game. In this guide, we will take you through everything you need to know about finding Lost Ark Lullaby Island. Here, you can get your hands on the Forest Minuet sheet music.

Lost Ark
Lost Ark

What Is Lost Ark Lullaby Island?

Lost Ark Lullaby Island is a small island located in the southwestern part of the game’s world. The island is home to a unique questline that rewards players with the Forest Minuet sheet music upon completion. The island used to be a limited-time event, but it became so popular that it was later added permanently to the game’s world.

How to Reach Lullaby Island

Before you can access Lullaby Island, you must reach the end-game portion of Lost Ark. This means you must have a combat level of at least 50 and access to Lost Ark ships. Once you meet these requirements, you can begin your journey to Lullaby Island.

To reach Lullaby Island, you first need to purchase the Song of Resonance from an NPC named Treasure Hunter Igran. You can find him on the Deck Ship on Pleccia Island. It is located to the west of the Anikka continent. The Song of Resonance costs 16,500 Lost Ark Pirate Coins. You can earn it by completing quests, defeating monsters, and selling items.

Once you have the Song of Resonance, head to the southwestern part of the Anikka continent, and you will find Lullaby Island. Dock your ship, and enter the island to begin the questline.

Quests on Lost Ark Lullaby Island

The questline on Lullaby Island is quite unique and takes you through a variety of tasks. This includes puzzle-solving, combat, and music playing. The main objective of the questline is to help a group of Mokoko birds reunite with their lost family members.

As you progress through the questline, you will unlock various rewards. This inlcudes Lost Ark Pirate Coins, gear, and, most importantly, the Forest Minuet sheet music. To complete the questline, you will need to solve puzzles, defeat monsters, and play the right notes on your instrument.

Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds on Lullaby Island

In addition to the questline, Lost Ark  Lullaby Island is also home to Mokoko Seeds. These collectibles can be found scattered throughout the island and can be exchanged for rewards such as Pirate Coins, gear, and more.

To find the Mokoko Seeds, you will need to explore the island thoroughly, searching every nook and cranny for these hidden treasures. Some of the seeds are easy to find, while others are more challenging and require you to solve puzzles or defeat enemies.

Starting the Quest Chain on Lost Ark Lullaby Island

To start the quest chain on Lost Ark Lullaby Island, you need to find an NPC called Traveler Eclipse. Once you find Traveler Eclipse, they will give you the first quest in the chain, called The Forest Where Fairies Sing. This quest will require you to find three fairies across the island, who are invisible but can be located by getting close to them.

The first fairy is located on the west side of the island, the second in the centre of the island, and the third in the north. Each fairy will ask you a series of questions, which you need to answer correctly to progress the quest. Make sure you pay close attention to the questions and answer them correctly, as getting them wrong will result in failure.

After talking to all three fairies, the second quest in the chain will trigger, directing you towards a secret passage on the east side of the island. To enter the cave, you will need to play the Song of Resonance, which you can learn by interacting with the pianos scattered around the island. Once inside the cave, the last quest will trigger, asking you to play the Song of Resonance three more times to receive three Voice of the Forests.

Claiming the Forest Minuet Song

After collecting the three Voice of the Forests, you need to return to the third fairy and give her the items. This will result in her awarding you the Forest Minuet song and the quest finishing. The Forest Minuet song is a beautiful melody that you can play on your flute, and it is a great addition to your music collection.

Thaitalos Lost Ark Guardian Raid

If you are looking for a challenge on Lost Ark Lullaby Island, then you should consider taking part in the Thaitalos Lost Ark Guardian Raid. This raid is a difficult but rewarding activity that requires a group of players to work together to defeat Thaitalos, a powerful guardian who is terrorizing the island.

To participate in the raid, you need to be at least level 50 and have a group of five or more players. Thaitalos is a tough opponent, so you need to come prepared with the right gear and skills. If you manage to defeat Thaitalos, you will be rewarded with powerful items and valuable loot.

Island location
Island location

Other Activities on Lullaby Island

Apart from the quest chain and raid, Lost Ark Lullaby Island offers a range of other activities that you can enjoy. One of the most popular activities on the island is fishing, which allows you to catch a variety of fish and earn rewards. You can also explore the island and discover hidden treasures, which can include rare items and valuable loot.

If you are looking for a break from the action, you can visit the island’s hot springs and relax in the warm waters. The hot springs offer a range of benefits, including restoring your health and giving you a temporary buff. You can also interact with the NPC on the island and learn more about the island’s history and lore.


Lost Ark Lullaby Island is a unique and exciting destination for players who are looking for something new in the game. By completing the quest line on the island, you can obtain the Forest Minuet sheet music and other valuable rewards. Additionally, the island is home to Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds, which offers even more opportunities for exploration and discovery.

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