Are you looking for the Warzone 2 DMZ Shadow Company Laptop? Well, you are at the right place because we are going to help you.

In Warzone 2 DMZ, completing missions successfully requires careful navigation and thorough exploration. Among the various missions, some involve finding specific items, which can be quite challenging due to their small size and hidden locations. One such mission is the “Shadow Company Intel,” where you are tasked with locating a laptop. This guide aims to provide detailed directions on where to find the Warzone 2 DMZ Shadow Company laptop. Getting this laptop will complete your mission.


Locating the Ashkia Science Center

To begin your quest, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the Ashkia Science Center’s whereabouts. Head towards the Town Center region, located on the western side of the island. Within this region, you will find the Ashkia Science Center in the eastern section. Upon examining the map, you’ll notice the building shaped like an “H,” making it relatively easy to spot.

Finding the Warzone 2 DMZ Shadow Company Laptop

Once you have reached the Ashkia Science Center, it’s time to search for the laptop. Similar to the challenges encountered while locating the Sniper Team’s Hideout in Season 3, the laptop can be easily overlooked. Proceed to the second floor of the Science Center. Once you reach the second level, head towards the middle section and keep an eye out for a receptionist desk. To your delight, the Shadow Company laptop will be waiting for you on this desk.

Acquiring the laptop marks only the initial phase of your mission. To successfully complete it, you must exfiltrate from the area. Locate an exfil point and make your way towards it, treating it like any other exit. By reaching the exfil point, you will have accomplished one of the more intricate missions in Season 4.

As you navigate through the complex, make sure to remain cautious and alert. Enemies may lurk in the shadows, seeking to stop your progress. Use your skills to outsmart and outmaneuver any obstacles that stand in your path. Each step taken towards the exfil point brings you closer to the completion of this mission.



With this comprehensive guide, you now have the knowledge required to find the Warzone 2 DMZ Shadow Company laptop. By following the instructions carefully, you will easily navigate through the Ashkia Science Center, locate the laptop on the receptionist’s desk, and successfully complete the mission. Remember, attention to detail and persistence are key to triumphing over complex challenges in Warzone 2 DMZ.

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