Clash Royale Card Level 15 Guide – Upgrade Costs, Card Evolution, and More

In this Clash Royale Card Level 15 guide, we will uncover the upgrade costs, Elite Wild Cards, and the Card Evolution. 

Clash Royale players, get ready for the ultimate game-changer. Supercell has finally shared details about the long-awaited Clash Royale Card Level 15. When it was first announced earlier this year, there was some negative feedback, mainly due to the rising costs of upgrading cards to higher levels. However, the developers have taken this feedback seriously and have made improvements to address these concerns.

Clash Royale Card Level 15 – Upgrade Costs

Upgrading your cards to Level 15 in Clash Royale brings an exciting change – you no longer need to spend any gold! Yes, you read that right. Moving from Card Level 14 to Card Level 15 won’t cost you a single piece of gold. 

Instead, there’s a new element called Elite Wild Cards that you’ll need to upgrade your cards to the elite level. This means you can now concentrate on improving your gameplay without the burden of gathering gold. It’s a refreshing update that lets you dive straight into the action and make your cards even more powerful, all without worrying about your gold stash.

Introducing the Elite Level

Get ready players, because the arrival of Clash Royale Card Level 15 brings forth a new era in the game. It’s a game-changer. Now, the highest level of card power is known as the Elite Level. Say goodbye to the old concept of “Max Level.” When your cards reach Level 14, something magical happens. Any extra cards you have of the same type become incredibly valuable Elite Wild Cards. These special cards hold immense power, and they can be used to upgrade any Level 14 card to the prestigious Elite Level.

Imagine the possibilities! Your cards can now ascend to new heights, unlocking their true potential. The Elite Level represents a whole new realm of strength and dominance. It’s a thrilling transformation that sets your cards apart from the rest. With Elite Wild Cards in your possession, you hold the key to unlocking unparalleled power.

Gone are the days of simply striving for the maximum level. Now, you have the chance to elevate your cards beyond the limits previously imagined. The Elite Level is a testament to your dedication and skill in the game. It’s an achievement that showcases your prowess as a Clash Royale player.

Gold Overflow and Enhanced Rewards

Supercell is on a mission to make Clash Royale an even more exciting and fulfilling game. To achieve this, they have made some important changes. One of the changes involves removing the concept of gold overflow. In the past, when you received duplicate cards, you would get extra gold. However, this won’t happen anymore.

But don’t worry! Supercell has a surprise in store to make up for it. Now, during regular gameplay, you will earn three times the amount of gold you used to receive. It’s a fantastic opportunity to grow your wealth and unlock new possibilities within the game. Get ready to see your gold reserves soar as you engage in battles, complete quests, and achieve victory. With this generous increase in gold rewards, you’ll have the chance to amass a fortune and take your gameplay to new heights.

Clash Royale Card Level 15 – Card Level Caps

With the introduction of Card Level 15, Path of Legends will implement a temporary cap at Level 14 for a duration of six months. This measure ensures a balanced and fair playing field during the initial phase of Elite Level integration. However, fear not, as Clan Wars and Trophy Road will embrace the power of Card Level 15 (Elite Level). Keep aiming for greatness and conquer your opponents with the might of elite cards. Please note that event card levels will continue to be capped at Level 11 to maintain the competitive spirit.

The Evolution Continues

Unlocking a card’s Evolution form is an exciting feature that exceeds the boundaries of Elite Levels. Unlike traditional practices, Card Evolution is not exclusive to Elite Level cards. You can unleash the full potential of your favorite cards without needing them to be at Elite Level. All it takes is six Evolution (Evo) Shards specific to the desired card, and a whole new world of possibilities awaits you.

Now that you have read the Clash Royale Card Level 15 guide, it’s time to take your gameplay to the next level. Hold the power of the Elite Level, strategize with Card Evolution, and dominate the arenas like never before. The game has evolved, and it’s your chance to shine. Remember that to unlock a card’s Evolution form, you will simply need six Evolution (Evo) Shards of that specific card.

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