What is the Masuda Method in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

What’s the Masuda method in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Can you increase the catching rate for shiny Pokemon? Find out everything.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is a colorful adventure game where trainers hunt for wild Pokemon, take part in gym raids and battle with bosses in the Galar region. The Pokemon Sword and Shield has many new game mechanics like Dynamax, Gigantamax and it also offers many ways for players to hunt a Pokemon.

Exploring the wild areas and eliminating Pokemon will be the best way to progress in the game. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, the Chaining and Masuda Methods are two primary features that let you catch shiny and rare Pokemon. The Masuda Method is a unique feature that’s not available in other Pokemon games. 

Through the Masuda Method, you can catch infinite shiny Pokemon. But there are several preludes for the same before you get one shiny Pokemon. Shiny Pokemon are rare to find in the game and this method is the best option to get one. Here’s all about the Pokemon Sword and Shield masuda method, breeding guide and shiny hunting.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Masuda Method Explained 

Masuda method Pokemon sword and shield
Day Care

The Masuda Method in Pokemon Sword and Shield is all about breeding two Pokemon of different species and regions. To complete this process, you have to get a Foreign language Pokemon from your friends through the trading method and then use one of your Pokemon.

The Masuda method was coined by the popular Pokemon game designer, Junichi Masuda. You can get a foreign language Pokemon through in-game trades. Now, you can breed these two Pokemon and hatch eggs. You can place them in a day care in the Galar region. Once you breed these Pokemon, the hatched eggs will produce a shiny Pokemon. Also, you can place a Ditto Pokemon instead of a foreign language Pokemon to complete the breeding.

Masuda Method Vs Chaining in Pokemon Sword and Shield

The Masuda Method focuses on granting Shiny Pokemon through breeding. But the Chaining Method in Pokemon Sword and Shield is a way to catch a shiny Pokemon by battling the same Pokemon for a long time without breaking the chain.

For example, you can battle against the bug and electric type Charjabug for more than 20 or 25 times. The next time you encounter a Charjabug, it becomes a shiny Pokemon. But while you hunt for a Pokemon through the Chaining Method, you can’t battle a Pokemon of another type as it breaks the chain immediately.

Can You Use the Masuda Method with any Pokemon in Sword and Shield?

No, the Masuda Method is a breeding of two different region Pokemon. You have to use a local and foreign language Pokemon to complete it.

What is the Best Way to Use the Masuda Method in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

You can simply utilize the foreign trading feature and get a new Pokemon from your foreign friends through the internet. After receiving one, you can utilize your Pokemon and hatch eggs at the Nursery.


How Does the Masuda Method Work in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

The Masuda method works with two different Pokemon. One local Pokemon and a foreign language Pokemon are recommended for this process.

Does the Masuda Method Guarantee Shiny Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Yes, getting a shiny Pokemon in Sword and Shield is highly possible via the Masuda Method.

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