Here’s the latest Pokemon Unite patch notes that have many changes. We have discussed all the buffs and nerfs below.

The newest Pokemon Unite patch is here, and it changes a lot of things that will affect how people play competitively. The main goal of this update is to balance many Pokemon by giving buffs to underperforming Pokemon and nerfs to dominating Pokemon. Let’s look at the specifics and see how this impacts your favorite Pokemon in the latest Pokemon Unite patch!


Pokemon Unite Patch – Buff Summary

The table below shows the latest buffs in the Pokemon Unite Patch.

PokémonPokemon Unite Patch for Buff
MachampIncreased Defense and Special Defense
SnorlaxIncreased Block shield, Reduced self-slow on Block
AegislashReduced cooldown on Iron Head and Sacred Sword
GyaradosReduced activation time between Waterfall charges
HoopaIncreased shield and duration of movement speed buff on Trick
AzumarillReduced cooldown on Whirlpool and Whirlpool+
CrustleFixed bug with Unite Move, أصبح Crustle غير قابل للإيقاف (became Unstoppable) while gathering stones during Unite Move
EldegossIncreased healing from Wish and Wish+
UmbreonIncreased healing from Wish and Wish+, Increased movement speed decrease and duration on Foul Play

Pokemon Unite Patch – Nerf Summary

The table below shows the latest nerfs in the Pokemon Unite Patch.

PokémonPokemon Unite Patch for Nerf
ZoroarkIncreased cooldown and reduced damage on Night Slash
BuzzwoleBug fix preventing extra muscle gauge from Smack Down grabs, Increased cooldown on Superpower, Less cooldown reduction on Superpower+, Reduced muscle gauge gain on Smack Down
Mewtwo YReduced base Special Attack growth, Reduced damage and duration of Teleport buff, Lower cooldown reduction on Teleport+, Reduced damage and stun duration of Unite Move
GyaradosReduced distance traveled during Aqua Tail waves, Bounce prioritizes throwing any Pokémon hit instead of paralyzed targets
EspeonReduced damage on Stored Power
MeowscaradaReduced base Attack stat
EldegossReduced slow effect and duration on Boosted Attack, Reduced damage and damage reduction on Pollen Puff and Pollen Puff+

Night Slash Nerfs Hit Zoroark

For Zoroark, the illusion fox, Night Slash is now less powerful. The cooldown has been pushed back by one second, making it harder to spam the move to keep doing damage and moving around. The base damage and Attack ratio of both the dash and the final slash have also been lowered. However, Zoroark’s Final Slash now has a new feature: whenever it hits an enemy with this move, it heals itself. This gives Zoroark more durability, which could make it a riskier but more rewarding close-range battle.

Buzzwole Feels the Power Cut

Another Pokemon Unite Patch is for Buzzwole. Buzzwole, the Pokemon with a lot of muscles, gets changes to its Superpower move.  Because of a bug fix, it can’t get more muscle gauge by grabbing enemies it hits with Smack Down. The delay for Superpower has also been lengthened, and the cooldown reduction on Superpower+ has been switched out for a smaller one. 

Smack Down also gets a nerf; when it hits Pokemon, it gains less muscle gauge. These changes are meant to make it harder for Buzzwole to dominate close-quarters battles and force players to be smarter about how they use their muscle gauges.

Mewtwo Y Feels the Power Creep

Some changes are made to Mewtwo Y’s stats and moves, making it less powerful psychically. Its base Special Attack stat growth has been slowed down a bit, which could affect how much damage it does overall. In addition, its Teleport move does less damage after it’s used and you have less time to use it again. It also takes longer for Teleport+ to reduce cooldowns. Finally, its Unite Move, Infinite Psyburn, does less damage and stuns for less time. The goal of these changes is to make Mewtwo Y more like other attacks so that the competition is more fair.

Machamp Gets a Muscle Up!

Machamp, the Pokemon that fights, gets a much-needed defense boost. At every level, both its Defense and Special Defense stats get a lot better. This makes Machamp a much stronger fighter, so it can handle attacks better when the fighting is hot. It also gets more damage from its Submission move, which could make it a stronger threat in close combat.

Snorlax Sleeps a Little Sounder

Another Pokemon Unite Patch is for Snorlax. Snorlax, the sleeping giant, now has a better Block move. The shield that Block makes has been raised, giving Snorlax a stronger defense. Also, the self-slow effect when using Block has been lowered, which lets Snorlax keep moving better after putting up the shield.

Aegislash Gets a Glimmer of Hope

It gets better at both its Iron Head and Sacred Sword moves, making Aegislash, the royal fighter, stronger. Because of this, Aegislash can now switch between its forms and fight more often because their cooldowns have been shortened. It’s possible that this will make Aegislash more aggressive.

Water Currents Flow for Gyarados

The Pokemon Gyarados, which looks like a snake, gets both better and worse moves. Waterfall has a smoother activation time between charges, which lets it hit again more quickly. Unfortunately, Aqua Tail’s waves have moved less distance, which could affect its ability to chase and close gaps. A change has also been made to Bounce: it now throws any Pokemon it hits at full charge instead of targets that are stunned first. This might make Gyarados less useful for combos and its follow-up crowd control less effective.

Hoopa Gets a Helping Hand

Hoopa in pokemon unite patch

The mythical Hoopa who causes trouble gets a boost to its Trick move. The shield that Trick makes has been doubled, giving Hoopa’s allies a lot more security. Trick’s movement speed boost has also been made last longer, which could help with escapes and spins.

Umbreon Emerges from the Shadows (Mostly Unchanged)

Umbreon, a dark-type Pokemon, has its Defense and Special Defense numbers brought down a little. Even though the changes are small, they might make it harder to survive in fight. A bug fix to its Swift move, on the other hand, makes sure it works as it should. Wish and Wish+, Umbreon’s special moves, get an extra boost that makes them heal more. Finally, Foul Play’s movement speed drop on the target is sped up, which makes it a better tool for messing up enemy positioning.

Azumarill Makes a Splash with Buffed Whirlpools

Azumarill, the playful Pokemon, receives a cooldown reduction on both its Whirlpool move and its upgraded version, Whirlpool+. This allows Azumarill to more frequently control the battlefield and potentially disrupt enemy movements. However, its Unite Move, Belly Bash, can no longer target wild Pokemon, potentially impacting its ability to quickly clear jungle camps.

Crustle Gets a Sturdiness Fix

Crustle, the rock-type Pokemon, receives a bug fix to its Unite Move, Rubble Rouser. This eliminates a glitch that allowed for repeated shields through cancelled uses of the move. Additionally, Crustle becomes Unstoppable while gathering stones during the Unite Move animation, potentially making it less vulnerable to interrupts.

Espeon Learns to Manage its Power

Espeon, the psychic-type Pokemon, experiences a nerf to its Stored Power move. The damage dealt by both the first hit and subsequent hits has been reduced. This could potentially impact Espeon’s ability to burst down enemies quickly.

Meowscarada Feels a Scratch

Meowscarada, the grass-type Pokemon, receives a nerf to its base Attack stat across all levels. This could slightly reduce its overall physical damage output.

Eldegoss Provides Less Support


There are changes to both of Eldegoss’s moves: Boosted Attack and Pollen Puff. Boosted Attack’s slow effect has been lowered, which could make it less effective at stopping enemies from moving. Also, Pollen Puff and Pollen Puff+ do less damage and less damage reduction, which makes Eldegoss a little less useful as a support Pokémon.

Bug Fixes Keep the Arena Fair

In this Pokemon Unite patch, bugs are fixed for some Pokemon. The Horn Leech from Trevenant now throws targets upwards instead of forwards, which makes crowd control more reliable. After Zeraora’s Wild Charge motion is over, its hitbox no longer stays there, stopping damage that wasn’t meant to happen. 

Greedent’s Bullet Seed attack now stops properly when it is hit by Slowbro’s Slowbeam. This makes it so that these Pokemon engage more fairly. Lastly, Miraidon’s Electro Drift no longer shoots in the wrong direction when its boosted version gets a knockout. This fixed a frustrating bug.

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